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March 2012 Hospice Batch

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I was very busy adding items to the March 2012 batch for my friend’s delivery to our local hospice. I contributed six lap blankets and nine preemie blankets. Other volunteers make baby hats, so I used coordinating yarn to make blankets to pair with them.

This first lap blanket is from some donated Jeanne salmon colored cotton yarn and some ecru cotton I had on hand. The pattern is Diamond Ripple by Anne Halliday in Leisure Arts #108214, Afghans for All Seasons, Book 2.

The second lap blanket is from Baby Bee Pitter Pattern yarn. I had started a baby blanket for my son, who is now nearly four, so he doesn’t need it. I finished it as a lap blanket. It is the standard feather and fan stitch.

The third lap blanket is yet another one of Lyn’s Round Ripple Blankets. It is just such a fun and easy pattern.

These three lap blankets are from my own patterns: Lacy V-stitch Ripple Afghan, Jacob’s Ladder Ripple Afghan and Shell and V-stitch Ripple Afghan.

These are three little square preemie blankets made from donated King Tut cotton. The first two are patterns I have posted: Tiffany Lace Baby Blanket and Fan Lace Baby Blanket. The third is an original design in Tunisian crochet. I haven’t gotten brave enough to write up the pattern and post it. I have never written down a Tunisian crochet pattern.

These three preemie blankets (also in the cotton King Tut) are crochet, original designs I have posted: Ribbed Ripple Reversible Afghan, Ribbons and Lace Afghan and Eyelet Ripple Afghan.

These three preemie blankets (also in the cotton King Tut) are knit, original designs I have posted: Simple Lines Baby Blankets and Wrapped Stitches Baby Blanket.

Afghans, Baby, Charity, Crocheted, Knitted

9 Comments to “March 2012 Hospice Batch”

  1. Very beautiful work. I came to your link through Knitting Paradise from today. So glad I did as there are several lovely baby blankets I would like to make from your patterns. I try to make things for babies needing a little extra love or help. Or just because……love the charity work you are doing. I mostly knit hats for young children and am just getting going in the baby blankets – did about eight of them since last summer for the blankets and probably 35 hats or so. Very enjoyable to do.
    Thank you so much for sharing your patterns.

  2. Wow,lots of beautiful work! God Bless You for all that you do!

  3. Your worki is beautiful and as all you do work for others know, you will be greatly blessed in return. Thank you so much for giving links to the patterns. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen an item that I think I might like to try to make at some time and have no idea where I might find a pattern to see if it is even in my skill level or to put the item on my to do list. Thank you for sharing with all your fellow crafters and those those of us to share our love of crafting to help others. I have always helped others and now that I have two thriving grandsons who were preemies and I myself am a breast cancer survivor, I really know how important and appreciated it is.

  4. The blankets are beautiful!

  5. Wow these are awesome!!!

  6. Maureen Martinek

    Thank you for sharing your patterns. I am always looking for knitting instructions for preemie caps or tiny blankets. You are a very talented knitter and I would love to know when you find the time to make all of your lovely items? I can’t seem to even knit a dishcloth in one day. I thought I’d get faster the more I knit, but it doesn’t seem that way. I guess it’s just practice practice practice. Once again, it’s so wonderful of you to share your patterns.

    • What is funny is although I have knit for well over three decades, I am a very slow knitter. I keep several projects going at one time and have them scattered about the house and work on them for whatever few seconds I have here and there.

  7. I would like the knit pattern #108214, diamond ripple by anne halliday thanks betty

  8. looking for th second pattern standard feather and fan stitch.is this a knitted pattern? betty

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