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Wrapped Stitches Baby Blanket

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This blanket is designed to coordinate with the Wrapped Stitches Baby Hat. The wrapped stitches look more complicated than they are. The blanket is available in several sizes.


SizeWidth (Inches)Length (Inches)Ounces of yarnYards of yarn
Extra Small17.523.337361.02
Extra Large34.345.7326.891386.89


22 stitches and 30 rows = 4 inches in stockinette

DK weight baby yarn, see chart above for amounts
Size 6 (4 mm) knitting needles
Yarn needle

k = knit
p = purl 
w2s = wrap two stitches – with yarn in back, slip two stitches to right needle purlwise. Bring yarn to front and slip the same two stitches back to left needle purlwise. Bring yarn to back and slip same two stitches back to right needle purlwise. Bring yarn to front and slip same two stitches back to left needle purlwise. Bring yarn to back and knit each of the two stitches.


Extra Small – Cast on 100
Small – Cast on 124
Medium – Cast 0n 148
Large – Cast 0n 172
Extra Large – Cast 0n 196

Row 1: (k2, p2) across to end
Rows 2 and 3: Repeat row 1 twice more
Row 4: (p2, k2) across to end
Rows 5 and 6: Repeat row 4 twice more
Row 7: k2, p2, (k22, p2) across to end
Row 8: k2, (p22, k2) across to last 2 stitches, p2
Row 9: k2, p2, (k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k4, p2) across to end
Row 10: p2, k2, (p22, k2) across to end
Row 11: p2, (k22, p2) across to last 2 stitches, k2
Row 12: Repeat row 10.
Row 13: k2, p2, (k1, w2s, k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k7, p2) across to end
Row 14: Repeat row 8.
Row 15: Repeat row 7.
Row 16: Repeat row 10.
Row 17: p2, (k6, w2s, k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k2, p2) across to last 2 stitches, k2
Row 18: Repeat row 10.
Row 19: Repeat row 7.
Row 20: Repeat row 8.
Row 21: Repeat row 13.
Rows 22 to 24: Repeat rows 10 to 12.
Row 25: Repeat row 9.
Row 26: Repeat row 8.
Row 27: Repeat row 7.
Row 28: Repeat row 10.
Row 29: p2, (k3, w2s, k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k5, p2) across to last 2 stitches, k2
Row 30: Repeat row 10.
Repeat these 30 rows until blanket is desired length. Then work rows 1 through 6, cast off, finish off, secure and weave in end.

Restrictions on the use of this pattern are available at http://stitcheryprojects.com/using-my-patterns/.

Afghans, Baby, Knitted, My Patterns

82 Comments to “Wrapped Stitches Baby Blanket”

  1. Maureen Martinek

    Thought I’d give everyone a laugh and then go to bed and cry for a while (I’ve already laughed). I have spent many hours trying to knit this beautiful baby blanket. After ripping it out a few times before I caught on to the wrapped stitch I had about 9 inches, but it surely didn’t look anything like the picture, not even close. I spent a while last night online trying to find out if I wasn’t following the very good directions for the wrapped stitch or what was wrong. It was kinda cute, bubbly with a definite design, but not the Wrapped Stitches Blanket. This am after feeding the dogs I picked up the directions again bound and determined to figure out WHAT I WAS DOING WRONG!! Simply put, I hadn’t turned the page and was knitting rows 1-12 over and over;-) Lesson learned.

    • Oh, Maureen – this did give me a laugh! (But only because I have done similar things myself on more than one occasion before!) It’s funny how you can find your error relatively simply after a break, but can’t see the obvious while in the midst of it all! Glad you sorted it out eventually!

  2. I have a pastel rainbow yarn in a bulky weight that I would like to use for this pattern. First, do you think this pattern will show up well with the multi-colors & 2nd do you think the weight will work? What would you recommend for the needle size, cast-on, # yards etc. for the extra large?

    • I think it will look different, but would be very cute in multi-colors and the bulky weight. The wrapped stitches might be even more pronounced using a heavier yarn. I did some calculations based on a bulky I’m familiar with, so they may be somewhat different with the yarn you are using, but hopefully this will at least be close. You could use size 10 needles and cast on 124 stitches. I’m approximating about 1,100 yards.

  3. ok, silly question, what exactly is DK weight baby yarn ?

    • DK (double knit) is the weight class between sport and worsted. It’s probably a little closer to sport than worsted.

  4. Hi again !! Wow !! i am impressed with how you can make up these beautiful patterns ! am getting up there in age and have to put markers in so i know somewhat of where i am in he pattern.. last night i got confused.. lol and i ended up ripping it all out and starting over.. only to find out i did it right in the first place.. so no laughing here Maureen ! i just paid much more attention to what the pattern is until i get the feel for it ! Please don’t ever stop posting your patterns !! Please accept all my heartfelt Thanks for all your hard work..

  5. Being a leftie who only learns by hands on experience, I always have problems with patterns, and how I have gotten aroud it most times is to watch a video over and over and over and over, until Iam so tired of it, and then I take needles and yarn in hand and do exactly what is being shown by the other way (meaning slipping needles on to left needle instead of right, etc.). I also am hearing impaired, so watching the video and listening to it over and over again, eventually it does sink in.

    • I am also a leftie and hearing impaired. I have a hard time listening to the videos, but since my mom also knits/crochets, she will learn whatever stitch I am having difficulty with and sit in front of a large mirror so I can see the reverse. That is how she taught me to knit/crochet. I haven’t started this one yet, but it looks wonderful from the picture.

      • I am also a leftie and have been knitting for years and only recently found out there was a difference in knitting left handed and right handed. I guess I have been like a right handed person all this time.

  6. I am trying to make your King Charles Brocade blanket. I am having difficulty with the yarn. At first I bought Bella Shimmer (universal) but it is to light weight. I am not sure what DK is. Could you suggest a brand? or what should I look for on the label? Thank you so much!!!

    • Double knit (DK) weight is heavier than sport but lighter than worsted. The Bella Shimmer is a DK weight yarn.

      You can actually make the blanket in any weight of yarn, but I suggest using the needle size recommended by the yarn and, of course, it would change the size. Pick a yarn of a weight you like and I would be glad to help you calculate the right cast on for the size you want.

  7. Yikes!!Looks like I repeated Row 6, and continued on with Rows 7-10. Now those rows are on the wrong side of blanket. I am now undoing Row 9. How do I undo a wrapped stitch? Thanks

    • I’m so sorry you’re having to back up. Undo the wrapped stitches by reversing the steps in reverse order.

      • Makes sense!! Thanks. I am have way thru the blanket and using a multicolored yarn. (Don’t know the sex yet) I think its very pretty.

  8. I love this stitch and want to make the blanket for myself rather than a baby. But I’m rather new to knitting though Expert in crochet. What would be the incremental on this?

  9. I love this blanket. I am still rather new to knitting so I am gonna attempt to make this blanket for the new grand baby that is due July. It is beautiful

  10. This is truly a beautiful blanket and I can’t wait to begin working on it. I’ve finally gotten the hang of working short rows, so I don’t think wrapped stitches will be too difficult. Thank you for posting this pattern!

  11. I’m a new knitter and was awefully proud of myself looking at this pattern this morning and thinking that I could actually do it.

    I think I understand the instructions, but what does it mean when you say at the end “Work rows 1 through 6” — I know how to cast off/finish.

    Thanks in advance.

    • That’s just another way to say to repeat those rows once you get to the end of the blanket. That will put the same border on both ends.

      • Thank you very much 🙂

        I love the blanket and expecting one more new little person in my life, so would love to get this done before!!

  12. I really love that you have all the different sizes for the blanket. I have been looking for a pattern for a baby afghan that would fit in the bassenette at the hospital for my first grandchild. The extra small is great, probably the smallest pattern that I have been able to find. If I wanted something smaller, say 1/2 the size of the extra small, how many stitches should I use. I am not the most advanced knitter in the world, I’m largely self taught, but would love to make this for the newbie in the fall.

  13. I love that you have provided so many different sizes. If I wanted to make it smaller yet again, maybe 1/2 the size of the extra small, how many stitches would I need?

    • The extra small is 18″ wide, so you’d like one 9″ wide. Cast on 52 stitches.

      • thanks so much! i didn’t mean to post twice – stupid computer wasn’t cooperating. And again, I will certainly keep this pattern handy – I love all the sizes!

  14. I am a member of a group that knits bereavement kits for hospitals. I knit the 15″ x 15″ size blankets. I can tell from the pattern that I don’t know where to begin the size adjustment. I use baby yarn and a #8 needle. Typically, depending on my pattern, I use in the neighborhood of 70 stitches – give or take. Can you help? Or is that too much to ask? I would love to do this pattern.

    • The repeat in this blanket is 24 stitches, so you can cast on 76 stitches. With #8 needles you should be very close to your 15″ inch size with that cast on.

  15. So if I wanted to go just a bit larger would I add 28 more stitches if the incremental is 24 + 4?

  16. Thank you for this lovely pattern and for all the choices in sizes to make, I have been looking for a pattern to make small blankets to donate and haven’t had much luck until I found this, can’t wait to start in, and wondering how long this blanket after you do the pattern once.

  17. Great pattern. Suggestion for the wrap stitch: slip the stitches purl wise to cable needle or double point, wrap the yarn 2 times, knit stitches off the cable needle, then continue knitting off the left needle.

    • I like your suggestion, Loretta, I am going to try both ways. And thank you for your beautiful patterns, Mama. There are two very good friends of mine at church that are both expecting and I am going to make this one for one of them and of course another one of your patterns, just haven’t decided which one yet! You have so many beautiful ones!

  18. Is there a printing error on row 8? I can’t get the pattern to end correctly. Should the beginning of row 8 be k2, p2, instead of just k2?

    • Row 8: k2, (p22, k2) across to last 2 stitches, p2

      k2 then repeat the (p22, k2) across the row, then the last two stitches are p2. This is the same number of stitches as row 7. How many stitches do you have left after your last repeat?

  19. is there an error with rows 17 and 29? Should the beginning not be; *k2*,p2?

    • No. Those both need to begin with the p2 to stay with the 2 stitch by 3 row check pattern of the borders.

    • oh, my mistake! It’s correct, probably. See, I’m trying to modify pattern to add a contrasting border on afterwards, so am only knitting the inner ‘squares’ (ie. I CO 8 sts less (so 140 only), and am only following instructions on the ‘inner’ sts per row, ignoring outer 4 on either end). But I’m having trouble getting the ‘checkered’ pattern on the vertical line in between the squares (alternate purls and knits). I can’t figure out how to ‘stagger’ the pattern – (perhaps it is because I haven’t included the 4 end sts on each side?)… But each row results in a single line of only 2 garter sts in between the squares, instead of a ‘checkered’ 4 st line. Can you help? Most appreciated.

      • Row 17: p2, (k6, w2s, k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k2, p2) across to last 2 stitches, k2

        For your row 17 you will begin with (k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k2, p2) then repeat the (k6, w2s, k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k2, p2) and end with (k6, w2s, k4, w2s, k4, w2s, k2).

        Since the checkered pattern in between the fields of wrapped stitches are in a multiple of 4 already, those should be working out ok.

        So as I did for this row 17, you will just have to be mindful to not do the first 4 and last 4 stitches of my instructions, even if 2 of those stitches fall in the repeat, but on other than the first and last repeat, do the repeat as given.

      • What a great idea! I think I’ll try that if I make another one of these blankets. I just finished one and am doing single crochet around the edges but I like your idea better.

  20. Just love patterns and absolutely love this pattern but don’t knit. Do you have this pattern in crochet by any chance I’m having a sweet little grandson in September and would love to crochet one for him.

    • I’m sorry I don’t have a crochet version of this. I have a lot of crocheted blanket patterns and any of them can be made as baby blankets.

  21. I might want to use this, but it depends on the amount of yarn needed. You give blanket sizes, and then a yardage range. But I’ve noticed in other patterns of yours you have listed how many yards are needed for the specific size. I have 680 yrds of a light blue with a silver thread running through it I might like to use for this. Would I be able to get the 26 inch wide with that? Or would I NEED a full 700 yrds?

    • I’ve been going back and adding those charts to my older patterns as they come up, so since you asked about this one I added a chart. It looks like with 680 yards you could get a 22″ blanket but not a 26″ one.

  22. I would like to knit the Wrapped Stitches Baby Blanket. I have 6 skeins of Poema trends yarn with has 50 gr or mt.135. I don’t know how to do the math to determine if I have enough yarn for this blanket.This yarn is made by Adriafil. I don’t know what mt. 135 means. As you can see what I have most of is the desire to knit this blanket with this beautiful yarn. Can you help me? Thank you.

    • I’m thinking mt is probably meters. So 135 meters would be 147.638 yards. That would mean you have 885.828 yards. That would be enough for a medium blanket.

  23. When you say Repeat these 30 rows until blanket is desired length. Do I start at row 1 and repeat till 30 or do I start at row 7 until my desired length then work rows 1-6, cast off etc..

    • Repeat rows 1 through 30. The beginning border is repeated through the blanket to form the boxes around the wrapped stitches field.

  24. I’m knitting the extra small. Row 7.. It does not go evenly? Cast on 100. K2, P2 (k22 P2) three times but I end up with 16 stitches. To complete the pattern. I need 28… What did I do wrong..

    • With a cast on of 100 you will have 4 repeats. For Row 7 there are 4 stitches before the repeat. The repeat is 24 stitches long, so 4 repeats is 96 stitches. That should make up your 100 stitches.

  25. Read the pattern wrong…blushing… Thank you

  26. Row 10 wrong side, P2,K2, (K22, P2) across to end. If you knit 28 st. that brings you into the next 24 stitches, the next pattern, I think I am confused.

    • Row 10: p2, k2, (p22, k2) across to end

      The p2, k2 is for the first four stitches, then the (p22, k2) is repeated to the end.

  27. I would love to make this for a friend’s grandson. When I looked for yarn online, I found Lion brand Baby Soft. I think that would work up nicely in this pattern. I am just confused about the amount I would need. I was thinking of doing the 30×40″ blanket and it says it takes 20.71 oz. or 1068.04 yards. The specs for the Baby Soft yarn says that a skein is Solids: 5 oz/141g; 459 yd/420m balls,
    Prints: 4 oz/113g; 367 yd/336m balls. So I’m not sure how many skeins I would need. This blanket looks beautiful!!

  28. Hi I love this blanket I’d like to make it for my sisters 1st baby she’s having a little girl. my sister has chosen 2 colours of yarn. I’d like to knit the medium size blanket, could you advise me how to work the pattern so I can us the two colours one as a border the other so it appears as the squares if that makes sense. The yarn I’m going to use is sublime baby cotton kapok dk. Thanks. Joanne

  29. Hi do u have any baby hats or that lovely blanket in wrapped stitch baby blanketon straight needles as I don’t know the round ,you have lovely stuff on here but I cant knit in the round,also have you patterns on baby booties.thanks I be grateful

  30. You are awesome, Mama! Not only do you create the patterns and share them with us by posting them (and for FREE!) , but the extra support you give for those who have trouble is PHENOMENAL!! Never seen such patience and so much information anywhere! Thank you SOOO much!!

    • e2c, you are SO right about Joanne’s patience and generosity. I also appreciate that there are never snippy comments from the crafters who follow her. Sometimes I think: People, for heaven’s sake, just take the time to read carefully, think about what you’re reading, and you won’t have problems. But Joanne never says anything like this. I teach a writing class and when my students make the same mistake(s) week after week after week I want to grab them and shake them until they pay attention and hear “Stop. Using. Exclamation. Marks. In. A. Formal. Essay.” Joanne never does this. I feel as though I have no patience after reading her responses. She is an amazing teacher.

  31. Hi, Thank you for this pretty blanket. I’ve been readiing through it and want to ask before I swatch —

    where it reads,
    “Rows 5 and 6: Repeat row 4 twice more”
    does this mean that for row 5 I knit row 4 twice; and for row 6, I knit row 4 twice? Or row 5, I knit row 4, and for row 6 I knit row 4?

    And, while I’m here! I’m reading,
    “Rows 22 to 24: Repeat rows 10 to 12.”
    to mean row 22 is row 10; and row 24 is row 12 — am I correct? :^)

    thanks for the clarification in advance!

  32. in the photo of the blanket, the design is different from the design in the hat of the same pattern. I followed the pattern in the blanket and it looks like the pattern in the hat. ??

    • Both the hat and the blanket have the little dots formed by the wrapped stitches. For the blanket I thought it might need to be broken up a bit since it was so much larger, so I added the grid of alternate knit/purl squares.

  33. Thank you so much for all the wonderful patterns. I am using the wrapped blanket pattern for a new niece or nephew …as I am almost done I am noticing that the side edges are wanting to curl….do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

    • I’ve noticed some yarns want to curl on borders more than others. Most yarns respond well to blocking to stop the curling.

  34. Thank you in advance!!!
    I’m a beginner and LOVE this pattern. I don’t knit much and have always had a hard time knitting a swatch, or at least understanding how it actually works. Do you actually knit 30 rows of 22 stitches in the stockinette pattern for the swatch? (And not the pattern?)
    My yarn recommended a size 8 needle but I only have a 9 at hand and want to start. This is to be a baby blanket. How much larger will that make my blanket? Do you recommend a size? Help? Please??
    AND, thank you for your willingness to help answer what I feel are basic questions I’ve never asked before but should have.

    • To see what your gauge is, make a square of stockinette slightly bigger than 4 inches and measure a four inch section in the middle to count the stitches and rows. You can also do this using two inches and double the counts for the gauge.

      You would probably have a gauge of 16 stitches per 4 inches with your yarn and size 9 needles. If you start with a cast on of 124, this would make the blanket 32″ wide, or a cast on of 148 would be 36″ wide.

  35. Hi, I’m so happy to have found this beautiful pattern, which I’d like to make for a friends baby due in August. With that said, I have this yarn purchased from Silk City Fibers. On my order form, the yarn is described ad SOFTBALL .75N (100% cotton w. stretch nylon binder. As I have this yarn in two different colors, I’d like to know, if you can guess from the description, what needle I should use to get the desired effect. I know, this isn’t much information to go on, but I’d love to try and use both colors, if I can.

    Here is a link to a picture of the yarn.

    Thank you and please don’t worry about it if you can’t figure this out.

    Advanced beginner knitter 😀

    P.S. I have 1.70 lbs of the two colors.


  36. having a problem with line 10 can’t seen to have it come out even after the knit 22 p 2 always have 10 left on the needle keep tearing it out and starting over but still have the same problem what am I doing wrong?

  37. I am so happy to find this pattern again! I have a bunch of baby animal wash cloth patterns that I printed out a couple years ago and in going through them I found just the first and maybe third page of this pattern.
    A little searching and voilà!
    Now, to Joanns for some yarn! (Pretty much all we have around here.)

  38. Hi, beautiful blanket. Trying out the pattern and running into a question with the wrap stitch. After I wrap it twice, you direction above states to knit the two stitches. Does these two knits count as part of the wrap, or does it get counted with the following 4 knits after the wrap? Thank you

  39. Is it possible to print this beautiful pattern without all the comments. Struggling. Sorry. Deb

  40. Thank you for all your beautiful patterns! I have made projects all through the years and given gifts (not sold) to quite a few people, which I hope brought joy into their lives.
    I love these patterns and appreciate your hard work and dedication.

    Sandra (Twiggy2820)

  41. Iseem to be having a problem with row 20. it says repeat row 8. but, row 8 is a right sided row on my needles and it is calling for (p22, k2) which is the wrong side.

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