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A dual team baby blanket

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Mother is an Alabama fan. Father is an Ohio State fan. Baby gets both.


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  1. I would love to have this pattern. Were all alabama fans. My son and his son go to alot of their games.. Were from alabamam

    • What I did is started with a basic pattern and improvised a bit.

      The black and white squares and the general construction of the blanket are all from this pattern: http://www.knittingatknoon.com/afghanpatt.html
      It is a join as you go mitered square pattern that I have used often and enjoy.

      The bigger red blocks are 30 stitches wide and 60 stitches high in garter stitch. I used the intarsia technique to add the letters in white to the squares.

      This is my graph of the Alabama A: http://blogs.thetucker.com/knit/files/Bama.jpg

      In garter stitch, twice as many rows are roughly the same size as a number of stitches. So for each square on the graph, I did one stitch and two rows (one knit, one purl).

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