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Tiffany Lace Baby Blanket Chart

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This is a chart for the Tiffany Lace Baby Blanket.

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10 Comments to “Tiffany Lace Baby Blanket Chart”

  1. omg! thank u so very much!!! xo

  2. are there plain knit rows in between these rows, or these are complete rows? thanks!

  3. Thank You for the chart as well!
    Bobbie R/rkr4cds

  4. do you have written instructions for this lace blanket, the chart is too hard for me to follow.

    Thank you.

  5. Can u make this blanket for a baby boy but in boy colours?

  6. Hello,
    Are there any corrections for this pattern? I am ending up with extra stitches on the even rows. For example, I finished row 3 as written. At the end of the first section on row 4, I have 15 stitches, not 13.
    Thank you

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