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No Beginning Chain Bricks Afghan

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The first row of an afghan with homespun or bouclé or other knobby style yarn can be frustrating. This afghan does not require finding chain stitches, even for the first row. Every side has a loop finish.

This pattern was designed to be easy for homespun or bouclé style yarns, but it can be made with just about any yarn. Make it in a solid color or with as many color changes as you like.

The example is made in Lion Brand Homespun.

Size: This blanket can be made any size. Five widths are given in the directions.

SizeWidth (Inches)Length (Inches)Ounces of yarnYards of yarn
Extra Small34.8146.4222.92706.8
Extra Large55.774.2758.681809.42

Yarn – Sizing given for Bulky yarn but other weights can be used
Size K (6.5mm) crochet hook

ch = chain
ch sp = chain space
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
tc = treble/triple crochet

Special Stitches:
Double treble crochet (dtr): Wrap the yarn over the hook 3 times and insert the hook into the space indicated. *Wrap the yarn over the hook and draw it through 2 loops.* Repeat from * to * 3 times to complete the double treble.


Instead of a beginning chain, the blanket is begun with a first row of chain and dtc spaces.

For these widths, start with this number of chain and dtc spaces:
34.75″ = 20
40″ = 23
45.25″ = 26
50.5″ = 29
55.75″ = 32

Row 1: Chain 5. Dtc in first chain. This forms the first chain and dtc space. Form each additional space by chaining 4 and doing a dtc on the dtc of the prior space. Photo is an example of a row of four chain and dtc spaces with the chain 4 of the beginning of the next row.

Do not turn.

Row 2: Ch4. Without turning the work, rotate so that the following is worked across the dtc created in the first row. Over each of the dtc work 4 dc and chain one. On the last dtc, work 4 dc and 1 tc.

Row 3: Ch 1 and turn. Sc in space between tc and first dc. Working across row, chain 4 and sc in each ch1 sp. The last sc will go in the space created by the ch4 turning chain.

Row 4: Ch4 and turn. In each ch4 sp work 4 dc and chain one. In the last ch4 sp, work 4 dc and 1 tc.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until afghan is desired length. End with a row 3. Finish off and weave in end.

Optional edging – instead of ending with a row 3, end with a row 4. Ch1, sc over tc just made, ch 2, 2 dc over tc.  Along side ch1, 3 dc over each tc. Over last tc also work a tc. Ch 1, sc over tc just made, ch 2, 2 dc over tc. Along bottom of afghan ch1, 4 dc in each ch sp. In last ch sp also work a tc. Ch 1, sc over tc just made, ch 2, 2 dc over tc. Along side ch1, 3 dc in each ch sp. Finish off and weave in end.

The blanket can be made in a solid color or can be made with any number of color changes. The best way to make a color change is to finish all but the very last pull through of the two loops of the last stitch of a row. Cut yarn with a few inches of tail and join with new color next to stitch. Pull new color through last two loops. Weave in ends.

Restrictions on the use of this pattern are available at http://stitcheryprojects.com/using-my-patterns/.

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  1. Perfect stitch for the fancy yarn – your afghan is beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Using triples to make the foundation chain is genius! I have more lacy blocks than bricks, but still very nice.

  3. Great technique – I’ve used it for scarves and cowls too. A very pretty afghan.

  4. Love the pattern. Very Easy to follow. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I just saw this done on YouTube!

    Was that you??

  6. Thank you so much for this pattern. I have been wanting to try the Lion brand Homespun yarn and I was able to buy a few skeins on clearance. I have tried a half dozen patterns with no success. This yarn is harder to work with than I thought and I thought I was never going to find a pattern that would show off the different colors of the yarn nicely. I came across your pattern and gave it a try and I only did one row so far and it looks so nice already. The pattern is so easy to follow and I can’t wait to see it finished.
    Thank you

  7. Your instructions along with the photos make it so easy to follow this pattern! Can’t wait to start a project with it.

  8. Love this stitch. I am making hats and scarves for the hurricane Sandy victims and this will be good for the mens scarves.

  9. I have some very chunky yarn that was given to me I have been dying to use to make a blanket for my now 1-year-old son (I got the yarn before he was born). I have found it very hard to crochet with due to it getting bunched up very quickly. I definitely want to try it with this pattern. I’m hoping I’ve finally found the trick to using it 🙂 Thank you for sharing your talents!

  10. i crochet very fast, this will make a great last min gift for christmas. i have a large amount of scrap yarn here. and the county i live in sends trucks to areas that need help from super storm sandy. happy thanksgiving to all and lets help or fellow americans. make them a baby blanked or a larger one. dont forget our four legged friends.

  11. This is a lovely blanket. I will try this stitch on a scarf also. Thank you for sharing this pattern with us.

  12. I bought several skeins of the Lion Brand Homespun yarn when it recently went on sale at Joann’s and have so far crocheted 2 ruffle scarves, a hat and the circular afghan from the instructions on the yarn sleeve, all for presents and all with outstanding success. However with the remaining colors I wanted to make a rectangle shaped afghan, and have tried several patterns, only to get a few inches into it and be disappointed with the look. This yarn is so hard to crochet evenly with a pattern where you need to count stitches…they are so hard to see, especially with my not so sharp eyesight. I found this pattern (THANK YOU!!!) and so far I’m several rows into it and it looks wonderful! The pattern was easy to learn, and since the stitches are counted for you, the results are turning out evenly with no disproportional difference in the beginning row and the current row. I can’t wait to finish it!

    • Your comment is spot on! Thanks.

      • I’m finished except for the edging and I’m in love with it! It worked up amazingly quick. The only thing I did different from the original directions was that since I did mine in a striped pattern (3 rows of one color, 2 of another, 1 of another, then reversed the order 3x) I was doing a lot of color changes. I found the best way for me to change colors was to use the knotless russian join, and I changed colors near the edge of a “row 3” row. The finished result looks flawless and not one end to weave in. I plan on starting another using Joann’s Sensations Rainbow Boucle using a smaller hook for a tighter finish as soon as the edging for this one is done.

  13. I hope you don’t mind but I pinned this pattern. I just love it, someone gave me two skeins of the homespun yarn and I had a horrible time working with it, until today that is. This is the best pattern I have come across. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  14. Hi, I was looking for a pattern to suit a boule wool
    Many thanks for the pattern

  15. I think this is a lovely pattern, but I haven’t crocheted for in the last 30 years. Does anyone know where I can watch a video and learn how to do a double, triple and a double treble crochet. I am now retired and would love to start crocheting again.

  16. i love your no chain patterns doing the brick one first then i will try your other patterns great work you do

  17. In the beginning of the pattern is the abbreviation dtc. What does that mean?

    Thank you!

  18. I have been crocheting doilies for my daughter-in-law and wanted to do something for my son. I bought some home spun yarn to try it out and found it was a little difficult to work with. I don’t usually crochet with yarn only # 10 thread. I have been looking for a pattern I could do for my son but they all looked to girly until I came across this pattern. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I can’t wait to use this pattern. We have friends getting married in july. it will make GREAT GIFT for them!!!

  20. I just started crocheting and haven’t had much success in following a pattern. This has been PERFECT! I am sailing right along on a pretty pink one 🙂 I can’t wait to try more of your patterns, thank you so much for sharing these!

  21. I’m so pleased to have found this pattern! I love working with bouclé. I found skeins of Joann’s Sensations on clearance and knew that I needed to make an afghan for my daughter. However, my son has been watching me work this pattern and decided that he needs the afghan much more than his sister does! I’m looking forward to working a few more for Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  22. I am an intermediate corcheter but I could never crochet with Homespun, knit yes. This morning I tried your technique and I think I can do this. Practicing now but so happy to be able to crochet Prayer Shawls with Homespun. Thank you for posting your patterns.
    P.S. Have not seen a way to follow your blog.

    • I created the NBC afghans for just that problem. I’ve been knitting homespun for years but wanted to crochet it, as I usually prefer crocheted afghans.

      I don’t currently have a way to follow the blog (other than just old RSS feed) but we have a forum in the works which should give us a way to have sign up for new pattern emails. We (husband the web guy) will let you know when it’s up and ready.

  23. Patricia Brennan

    New to this site, and I am going to try your patterns. You have made it look so easy, and the pictures of the rows and a big help. Now I know what it should look like and I will be able to correct any mistakes ( of course I know there will be a few) with out pulling out too may rows.

  24. Patricia Brennan

    A few years ago, I purchased the Sensations yarn. The only way I could use it was to knit. Today I tried your pattern and wa la it worked like a charm. Thank you.

  25. I too have some pretty homespun and could not for the life of me get it to work! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into writing these wonderful patterns, and for sharing them with all of us! I’m going to make each of your blanket patterns! I’m 70 years old, my Grandma taught me to crochet when I was about 7 years old. I have tons of yarn and 7 grand kids! I plan on keeping an eye out for new patterns of yours! Again, thanks!

  26. I’m so pleased with this pattern and all the no starting chain afghans. Thank you for sharing.

  27. This pattern is great. I just got a great deal on some Loops & Threads Charisma and this afghan is working up beautifully! This is my first afghan project and I am just amazed at how easy and beautiful it is turning out. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern!

  28. I love this pattern. I have made 15 3′ x 3′ dog blankets for the Baker City OR Best Friends shelter. So far the best was a red white and blue flag. People loved it and it was so easy! Thanks for a great pattern.

  29. I’m making this into a scarf for my best friend’s birthday. Very good directions, love the pictures!

  30. Hello!

    Have you posted a video for this pattern yet? I haven’t come across one in my searching. They are so very helpful.



    • I haven’t and don’t have a good setup for making videos at the moment. It begins similarly to my other No Beginning Chain blankets, but has a dtr in the beginning chain where most of others just have a tr.

  31. Do you have a pattern for a no beginning chain crochet afghan that does not have as many “holes” in its fabric? In other words, a pattern that has a denser weave?

  32. First of all, I would like to say that I think you and your patterns are amazing! I was so excited when I came across them. I love your videos and I am a very visual learner and just need to see it be done to usually understand. Having said that, I realize you didn’t make a video for this pattern, but I think from all of your other great videos that I can pretty much understand this pattern with the directions above, but I do have one question. In row 2 and 4 the last step says “In the last ch4 sp, work 4 dc and 1 tc.” … my question is, do you chain 1 Between the 4 DC and the TC, like you do for the other 4 DC earlier in the row, OR do you literally do 4 DC and then immediately do a TC with no chain between them? Without the chain 1, does it create a space that would be needed for working the next row? I hope my question made sense. 🙂 ….. again thank you for sharing your amazing patterns with us and your awesome technique and thanks for having patience with those of us who still have questions. 🙂

  33. Going to try this pattern today. This is my
    third pattern of yours that I just have to make.
    Last year you listed 2 of your denser patterns. Do you have and more? Keep up your great work!!! I am back to enjoying crocheting like I use to all thanks to you. I can’t thank you enough.
    Your number one fan 🙂

  34. Going to try this, I hate doing chains to easy to loose count then I have to start over..if I use other yarn like red heart, do I still use the k hook?

    • You probably want to use more like an I with Red Heart. Just keep in mind that it will be smaller than the measurements I give in the chart.

  35. I am making all of your blankets/ afgjans and here’s another one. I think you already answered this one but I’m so confused.
    I am at the end of row 2 – I did the 4 dc and ni matter what I do next doesn’t look like your picture. So confused can you please let me know what I do after the 4th dc before turning for row 3? Thanks a ton.

  36. Thank you so much for this patteren I love the bulky yarns and this is a perfect stitch for homespun yarns.

  37. I have had some homespun yarn just sitting here…….waiting for a way to use it. Thank you for this pattern! I am only 4 rows in and my husband has already claimed it. I have fallen in love with homespun with this pattern just as I did from just looking and touching it in the store. Thanks again! I appreciate it!

  38. I just finished this in a variegated yarn and it is so beautiful! Thank you for such a quick, easy, and fun pattern

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