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Chart for Fans and Pansies Ripple Blanket

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This isn’t the best drawing in the world, but for you guys that prefer charts, here is a chart for the Fans and Pansies Ripple Blanket.



I found an error in the chain row and first row of the chart on 8/8/2013 and replaced it.

Afghans, Crocheted

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  1. Merci beaucoup for trying, and for the kind generous effort. I will , on my side try to do my best to learn the writting patterns!
    merci beaucoup to you lovelly lady
    Merci madame

  2. Thanks
    Much easier for me than a written pattern as it is international.

  3. Help for chart. For those of you who have Acrobat Adobe, create a PDF, go to View, Zoom, you can chose how much of an zoom increase suits you, or type in your own percentage. Try different increase levels to the point that suits your view. Increase too much the chart becomes fuzzy.
    You can now print the chart or save to your favortie folder.
    For those of you who do not have Acrobat Adobe, your printer should have a zoom level also.
    I incdreased the chart 175%, now the chart makes sense. I hope this helps some of you.

  4. Not sure if I sent the other message or not…..
    Anyway, thank you for the chart. Much easier for me to follow.
    Thank you again!

  5. Many thanks for the chart, it makes more sense than several lines of text!!!

  6. Hvala na shemi.
    Molim,ako može, i za druge radove sheme,
    Tekst se manje razumije.

  7. this is a very awesome throw love it

  8. I wish all these patterns included charts. I honestly hate most of the written directions. If only someone would bring back Magic Crochet magazine and include scarves and blankets!

  9. I am trying to make the Fans & pansies ripple blanket. I have started over numerous times and cannot get it right. and still comes out wrong have even rechained it. in the graph you say there was an error in the first row, I don’t understand graphs could it be possible there is an error in the directions of the first row

    • The written instructions are correct and have been used by several successfully, so have been verified. It easy to get off in that first row because it is such a long repeat. The repeat is 52 chains long, so one thing you could try is to mark each set of 52 chains. Going back with the first row, you should be at the same point in the repeat at each marker.

  10. thanks for the chart, so helpful! A beautiful pattern and it’s so kind of you to share. I did print the chart but change the print orientation and it printed the graph slightly larger which is helpful.



  13. Beautiful!! Thank You for allowing us access to your wonderful patterns for free. It is very generous of you.

  14. le point est magnifique milles merci de France

    et merci encore pour le schéma qui est très important

  15. I love this pattern, but I am having a problem. On row 6 when we first do a dc5tog I It seems that I have 4 extra dc am not coming out right. There are 9 dc in the space where I am to do a dc5tog. It seems I have 4 extra dc. I ave gone back and reworked rows 4 and 5 several times, but it comes out the same. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? There are 2 extra stitches on either side.

    • That is in the downward opening fan section. Here is downward opening fan portion of each row with the resulting number of stitches noted afterward. Hope this helps.

      Row 1: 17 sc (with a sc on either side) – 17 stitches

      Row 2: dc in next 4 sc, 2 dc2tog (using next 4 sc), dc in next sc, 2 dc2tog (using next 4 sc), dc in next 4 sc – 13 stitches

      Row 3: dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc2tog (using next 4 dc), dc in next dc, 2 dc2tog (using next 4 dc), dc in next 2 dc – 9 stitches

      Row 4: sc in each of (the next two dc, next two dc2tog, next dc, next two dc2tog, next two dc) – 9 stitches

      Row 5: 2 dc2tog (using next 4 sc), dc in next sc, 2 dc2tog (using next 4 sc) – 5 stitches

      Row 6: dc5tog (using next 5 dc) – 1 stitch

  16. Hello: Just happened on this wonderful blanket. I want to make it for my new grand child. I can follow you tutorial perfectly, so I finished the sample. But I am confused go to row two to begin the next (row 8) set. If the tutorial would just go one more row it would be perfect. If you could help. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Row 7 which is the last row covered in the video is the equivalent of row 1, just that row 1 was made in the beginning chain and row 7 was not. So row 8 which is the equivalent of row 2 will be just like row 2 in the video. It will be built on row 7 which is just like row 1. Is there something in particular that is confusing?

  17. Thank you for sharing this the instructions and chart for this beautiful blanket. In your comments on Dec 11, 2015, you mention a video. Is there a video for this blanket.
    Thanks again

  18. Thankyou thank you. much easier to read.

  19. Thankyou thank you. much easier to read.

    Is the chart availeble for the little shell ripple afghan? I would like that also, please. The 3dc ch 1 3dc and dc3tog ch 1 dc3tog doesn’t make sense to me and I have too many stitches

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