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Photo tutorial for km1 and pm1

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The Boardwalk Ripple Edged Afghan uses km1 and pm1 stitches. This is a photo tutorial for how to make these stitches.

km1 = knit-make one: Move yarn to back. With left needle pick up thread between last and next stitch inserting front to back. With right needle knit back loop.

pm1 = purl-make one: Move yarn to front. With left needle pick up thread between last and next stitch inserting front to back. With right needle purl back loop.


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial – however because I knit the continental way – I still can’t figure it out – especially that the yard is a dark brown. I’ve been knitting for well over 50 years – but this stitch I can’t figure out.
    I make a km1 right and a km1 left.

    • That should be fine. What I was trying to accomplish with the km1 and the pm1 was to have make stitches that either looked like a knit or a purl depending on what kind of stitch column it was beginning.

  2. Dark colors are difficult when trying to see stitches.

    Yellow is a good color for tutorials.

  3. Sometimes when a project is done in a dark color you can highlight and hold the image as you move it to a lighter part of the page. Then you can see what you want. SOMETIMES !!!!

  4. I love to hear someone else knits the Continental way. My aunt taught me to knit back in the 1940’s (she learned from her German grandmother). I often have to do “front” and “back” just the opposite of what directions may say. I still like this German way. It is faster.

  5. I also knit the Continental way. My German mother taught me many years ago. However I’ve just returned to knitting again since I was a child. I’m looking for some pretty patterns (but not too difficult) to tackle and I think I may give this one a go. I wanted to see the tutorial for the KM1 and PM1 but unfortunately it is not working for me. I guess I’ll try figure it out. How many stitches should I work with?

    • I looked around for tutorials for the make stitch for continental style and didn’t have much luck. Maybe if I just explain what these stitches are meant to accomplish, then how to do them continental will make sense.

      Make one is a way to increase a stitch without leaving a hole. In between two stitches, you work with the top yarn segment that is horizontal. You work with it like a prior row stitch. To prevent a hole, it needs to be twisted when worked. It can be worked as a knit or a purl as needed.

      • You teach so well verbally but some need to see it done too! Could you choose a bright color and do it yourself ? You do everything else for us. You’re amazing, MAMA!

  6. Jayruther Hopkins

    For the Train Track Baby Hat … Rnd 2 how many times is the kw4w repeated in the round. Is it 8 times (l on each needle?

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