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Hats for Baby Stan

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Baby Stan’s Mama is a very capable knitter, but toward the end of her pregnancy developed carpal tunnel in both wrists and had to temporarily park her needles before she could gets some hats made. I made several hats in newborn size and posted patterns.

This is my basic baby hat made with Bernat Softee Baby His Jeans Ombre.

These are from my cabled baby hats pattern and made with Bernat Softee Baby Mint and White.

These are from my textured baby hats pattern and made with Bernat Softee Baby Pale Blue and Lion Brand Babysoft Blue Bell and Spring Green.

While I was designing the hats, the first cabled hat I made came out to a preemie size. I was planning on donating that one, but when Stan came a month early, he needed it.

I then made Stan a couple more preemie sized hats.

Baby, Clothing, Knitted

4 Comments to “Hats for Baby Stan”

  1. Good Morning, Just a line to let you know how beautiful your work and patterns are. And baby Stan how beautiful,babies God gifts to us all. I would love to make the textured hats but when I click on it comes up the cable ones. Am I doing something wrong? I did print out the cable and basic with no problem. Thank you so much for any help. Nana-D

  2. if i wanted to make this hat a little larger i would just have to increase the needle size ,rite?

    • Yes that can make the hats a little bigger. With the exception of the top down hat, all my baby hats are multiples of 12 for cast on, so they can be made bigger by adding 12 cast on stitches. Several of my hats have a range of sizes.

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