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Boardwalk Ripple Edged Afghan – Bulky

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This is the bulky weight yarn detail page for the Boardwalk Ripple Edged Afghan.  The complete pattern is on this page.

One repeat measures 5.75 inches wide and was made using bulky weight yarn with size 10.5 (6.5mm) needles. This is a front and back view.

The following chart gives the number of stitches to cast on for the number of repeats, as well as approximate finished size and yarn requirements.

Number of RepeatsCast onWidth in inchesOunces per half foot in lengthYards per half foot in length

The pattern instructions are on this page.

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4 Comments to “Boardwalk Ripple Edged Afghan – Bulky”

  1. How do I download the pattern for boardwalk ripple edged afghan
    In bulky please

    • Since that one is on two pages, I made a pdf for you with both pages in one document. I will e-mail it to you.

    • Could you please email me the pattern for Boardwalk Ripple Edged Afghan-Bulky yarn? I really enjoy your patterns! Thank you very much. Judy

  2. I just want to say how much I enjoy your web site. I also have another beautiful afgan pattern from you and it is beautiful too. I am going to try and make this one for my son’s home. I only hope I can do this to look as nice as yours.


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