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Shell and Wrapped Stitches Blanket

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This is a quick and simple blanket, but pretty in a solid color, variegated yarn or with stripes. The example is made in bulky weight acrylic yarn.

This blanket can be made any size. Five widths are given in the directions.

SizeWidth (Inches)Length (Inches)Ounces of yarnYards of yarn
Extra Small3242.6715.88887.07
Extra Large64.9586.665.403654.46

Bulky weight yarn
Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook

ch = chain
ch sp = chain space
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sc = single crochet
yo = yarn over

Special stitches:
Wrapped Double Crochet (wdc): Yo, insert hook from front of fabric around posts of previous 2 dc, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook; yo, pull through remaining loops on hook. Here is a quick tutorial video for this stitch.
Shell: In the stitch or space indicated, work the following: 2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc.

The beginning chain should be a multiple of 26 plus 23.

For these widths, start with this number of chains:
32″ = 101
40.25″ = 127
48.5″ = 153
56.75″ = 179
65″ = 205

After the first row, make all stitches in both loops.

Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in each of next 19 ch, ** skip next 2 ch, shell in next ch, skip next 2 ch, dc in each of next 21 ch. Repeat from ** across to end of ch.

Row 2: Ch 3, turn. Skip first dc, dc in second dc, dc in each of next 3 dc, wdc, skip next dc, (dc in each of next 5 dc, wdc, skip next dc) two times, dc in each of next 3 dc, ** skip next 2 dc, shell in ch-2 sp, skip next 2 dc, (dc in each of next 5 dc, wdc, skip next dc) three times, dc in each of next three dc. Repeat from ** across to end of row. The last dc will be in the top of the turning chain.

Row 3: Ch 3, turn. Skip first dc, dc in each of next 20 stitches, ** skip next 2 dc, shell in next ch-2 sp, skip next 2 dc, dc in each of next 21 stitches. Repeat from ** across to end of row. The last dc will be in the top of the turning chain.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until afghan is desired length. After a row 2, work this final row.

Last row: Ch 3, turn. Skip first dc, dc in each of next 20 stitches, ** dc next dc, hdc in next dc, sc in next ch-2 sp, hdc in next dc, dc in next dc, dc in each of next 21 stitches. Repeat from ** across to end of row. The last dc will be in the top of the turning chain. Finish off and weave in end.

The blanket can be made in a solid color or can be made with any number of color changes. The best way to make a color change is to finish all but the very last pull through of the two loops of the last stitch of a row. Cut yarn with a few inches of tail and join with new color next to stitch. Pull new color through last two loops. Weave in ends.

2/8/15 – corrected number of dc in the first section of row 3
3/12/15 – corrected number of dc in the first section of Last Row.

Restrictions on the use of this pattern are available at http://stitcheryprojects.com/using-my-patterns/.

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  1. A really attractive blanket substantial and no doubt easy to do you have some lovely items you should be proud of all of your hard work. Thank you for allowing us to copy you patterns so we can have a go at making these lovely items.
    thank you

  2. Thank you for sharing your crotchet pattern. Do you have a pattern to crotchet a woman skirt. i saw one on pinterest, but cannot get the instruction how to do it.

  3. I love your concise, clear instructions and nice designs. I especially like the size and yardage charts. They are so usedful and eliminate the guesswork. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Jill Bainbridge

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful patterns! You have beautiful crochet & knit items 🙂

  5. What a lovely difference and such a simple technique. Thank you for sharing pattern.

  6. Thanks for the patterns

    I just found this in my newsletter from all free crochet and I really love you selections. I have been crocheting for61 years and I begin to tell you all of the gifts I have made over the years.

    I wore as a RN for 29 years as the night shift Supervisor and every Christmas, I crocheted everyone that worked Christmas a thread ornament or angel with a hand written message to thank them for another year of being the best nurses to work so closely with.

  7. Beautiful. I love it. Thanks for detailed instructions. This will be my next project. Thank you for sharing.

  8. What is “wdc” mentioned in the directions?

  9. Can this be done in #4 weight yarn using two strands? not really seeing anything in bulky that I want. Or can it be made up in #4 with a single strand?

  10. Tried to print this pattern and was unable to as it was asking for me to run one note first,I don’t know what one note is,it is a beautiful blanket and would love to do this for my grandaughter, thanks for sharing.

    • My guess is that the printer is set to One Note. You should be able to select a different printer. I’ll send you a pdf of the pattern in case that works better for you.

  11. Is there a way I can copy this without copying all the comments. Waste of ink!

    • There is a printer icon at the top of the pattern that creates a clean print-ready copy without the comments.

    • Lucille C. Fennimore

      If you can’t get it any other way highlight the part you want and copy and paste it in a blank document. I have had to do that on some sites.


  12. Thank you so much for the pretty pattern and for the very clear and concise instructions! Plus, you sound so calm and patient it’s reassuring to learn from you.

  13. this a beautiful and unique blanket. i want to try to make it when it gets cooler weather again. thanks for sharing yr work.

  14. Thank you MAMA! I belong to a senior center group of wonderful people who have been crocheting afghans, hats, scarves and mittens for charity for over 20yrs. We are always looking for new patterns to keep the interest alive. This looks like one everyone will want to make. Again, Thank you.

  15. Thank you so much for the pattern! It’s very hard to come across something that has such clear instructions! I will definitely do more pattern’s from your web site! Thank you! –

  16. Thank you for sharing this nice and easy to follow pattern. I have just began – on my 12th rows – will soon be a baby blanket; thanks to you. Looking very good! Again I appreciate the free pattern!

  17. What weight are you considering “bulky weight” yarn?

  18. My stitch counts aren’t coming out right. Row one starts with the turning chain plus 20 dc. Row 3 only has 19 dc which makes the end of Row 4 short by one stitch.

  19. I’ve been reading the comments and was wondering if the last row should say to DC crochet in the next 19 stitches or should I crochet in the next 20 stitches like row 3?

    Thanks for your help.

  20. Wdc does that mean make 2dc then wrap or wdc the last 2 just made?
    Thanks for any help. This my 4th of your patterns in a month. Love you lol.

    • Wrap the last 2 just made.

      I’m so glad you like my patterns. I don’t have as much time as I did a couple of years ago to work on patterns, but I will write more, if just more slowly than before.

  21. Love this pattern. Waiting for my homespun yarn delivery so I can get started. Yippee another beautiful pattern.

  22. Very pretty, love lilac one of my favourite colors.

  23. Thank you for your wonderful pattern. I especially like the different sizes. And I love the pattern. I make lapghans for my church. But I just bought a calif king bed and want to make a big one for that. Thanks again.

  24. There are different types of shell stitches which one did you use for this beautiful blanket?



    • From the special stitches section of the pattern –
      Shell: In the stitch or space indicated, work the following: 2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc.

  25. What brand of yarn and color did you use on this pattern i love it thanks

    • It is Jo-Ann Sensations Rainbow Classic Pattern yarn 65 Blue/White Stripe. The Jo-Ann Sensations line is discontinued but has been replaced by the Purl Essence lines. They yarns seem to be the same in texture, but they don’t always carry the same colors.

  26. can I use a 4 ply yarn on this pattern? If so what size hook would I have to use? I love this pattern.

  27. I would like to know if you have instructions to crochet a rectangular tablecloth….preferably all in one piece! I do NOT want to have to connect a million squares together ! have been looking for such a pattern but so far I have not been able to find one so I am hoping You will be able to help me out on this one since it’s something I would love to make for my Son that has been requesting a tablecloth from Me for quite some time but everything is in squares and NOT in a Rectangular Shape/size! Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Mary

  28. In your tutorial, you referred to your HOOK as your NEEDLE. Please don’t confuse people. HOOKs are used in CROCHET while NEEDLEs are used for KNITTING.

    • Since I do so many different kinds of sewing, I’m really bad about calling everything needles. I do try to catch myself.

  29. If I wanted to make this with a chain of 257 (87.5 inches wide) and maintain the 86.6 inch length, would this pattern work and if so, how many ounces of bulky yarn would i need? If i wanted to make using worsted yarn, how much smaller would it be?? Thank you so very much.

    • You can definitely make it any length you want. With the extra width you’d need about 88 oz. The lighter weight yarn would make it about 83 inches wide.

  30. I really love this stitch blanket!A pattern is easy and clean! Thank you <3

  31. Mama,
    If I use #4 worsted weight yarn and want a size of 50×65 (or slightly larger), how many number of chains should I start with? How much yarn would I need?
    Thank you.

  32. I just made this for my niece for her wedding, it turned out beautiful Thank you The instructions were easy to follow

  33. I’m new to your site. How can I sign up for an email subscription to your site?

    Thank you

  34. Lucille C. Fennimore

    I have been crocheting for almost 60 years and had trouble with this. I think I am finally doing it right. Following the pattern and adding shells in the middle. Also one row just double crochet and the other do the wdc. Am I right? It looks good!

    Please respond before I get too far into this!!!!

  35. Hi I was just wondering if you are using uk or American turms for this patten as I’m getting confused with one you have used.

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