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Wavy Squares Afghan

29 September 2012
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Little squares ripple on soft waves. This blanket can be made in a solid color or in as many colors as you wish. The example is made in light worsted weight mercanized cotton.

Size: This blanket can be made any size. Five widths are given in the directions.

SizeWidth (Inches)Length (Inches)Ounces of yarnYards of yarn
Extra Small33.544.6721.221093.89
Extra Large52.3169.7451.732666.88

Worsted weight yarn
Size H (5mm) crochet hook

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet

Special stitch:
dc3tog – double crochet 3 stitches together (uses three stitches, decreases by two stitches) – [Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch, yarn over and pull up loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops] 3 times (4 loops on hook), yarn over, draw through all loops on hook.

The beginning chain should be a multiple of 24 plus 3. There is also a chart available.

For these widths, start with this number of chains:

33.5″ = 171
38.25″ = 195
43″ = 219
47.5″ = 243
52.25″ = 267

After the first row, make all stitches in front loop.

Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, sc in next ch, ** ch 2, skip 2 ch, sc in each of next 2 ch. Repeat from ** across to end of row.

Row 2: Ch 3, turn. 3 dc in second sc, (ch 2, dc in each of next 2 sc) twice, dc in each of next 4 sc, ch 2, dc in each of next 2 sc, ch 2 ** 3 dc in each of next 2 sc, (ch 2, dc in each of next 2 sc) twice, dc in each of next 4 sc, ch 2, dc in each of next 2 sc, ch 2. Repeat from ** across to last 2 sc. 3 dc in next sc, 1 dc in last sc.

Row 3: Ch 1, turn. Sc in first dc, sc in next 3 dc, ch 2, sc in next two dc, ch 2, ** sc in next 6 dc, ch 2, sc in next 2 dc, ch 2 . Repeat from ** across to last 3 dc and turning ch. Sc in each of last 3 dc, sc in top of turning ch.

Row 4: Ch 3, turn. Dc in second sc, ch 2, dc in each of next 2 sc, ch2, dc in each of next 2 sc, ch 2, (dc3tog over next 3 sc) twice, ** (ch 2, dc in each of next two sc) five times, ch 2, (dc3tog over next 3 sc) twice. Repeat from ** across to last 6 sc. (Ch 2, dc in each of next 2 sc) twice, ch2, dc in each of last 2 sc.

Row 5: Ch 1, turn. Sc in first dc, sc in next dc, ch 2, (sc in next two dc, ch 2) twice, sc in next 2 dc3tog, ch 2 **, (sc in next 2 dc, ch 2) five times, sc in next 2 dc3tog, ch 2. Repeat from ** across to last 5 dc and turning ch. (Sc in each of next 2 dc, ch 2) twice, sc in last dc, sc in top of turning ch.

Repeat rows 2 through 5 until afghan is desired length. Finish off and weave in end.

The blanket can be made in a solid color or can be made with any number of color changes. The best way to make a color change is to finish all but the very last pull through of the two loops of the last stitich of a row. Cut yarn with a few inches of tail and join with new color next to stitch. Pull new color through last two loops. Weave in ends.

Edits: 10/15/15 – added chart hyperlink

Restrictions on the use of this pattern are available at http://stitcheryprojects.com/using-my-patterns/.

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21 Comments to “Wavy Squares Afghan”

  1. Thanks so much for setting me straight on printing your patterns! Where have I been? These patterns are so neat! I’m a little tired of the granny squares! Keep them coming. My printer is going to get a workout now!, make blankets for preemies, and for teens with cancer. Thank you , thank you 🙂

  2. This is the perfect project for my 15 year old cousin. She has been diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer this week. Pink for support and purple for her favorite color! Thank you for sharing this pattern.

  3. thank you for the pattern… i love to make one for my mom like this….. I think its very easy and neat

  4. Working this one now. Very easy to follow instructions and it’s turning out great so far. Using a 6.5 mm hook and worsted weight yarn.

  5. Does this use light worsted 3 weight (as per the writing at the beginning of the pattern) or worsted 4 weight (as per instructions)?

    • It uses 4 weight worsted. When I say light worsted I’m referring to how there is a bit of a range in weights in worsted yarns, and this is on the lighter end of that range.

  6. Cynthia Degerness

    I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and it makes a wonderful blanket with great drape and nicely warm. The large size took about 12 skeins and it was a little more than needed. I figured how much by the yardage needed and it worked well.

  7. Can I use this pattern for a baby blanket…I make blankets for new babies at church…I like new patterns to make life more interesting. This is a beautiful pattern.

  8. I happen to like or love actually pinks and purples, they are both form of passion of people whom like these colors. crocheting,knitting, and scrap booking is an art of creative people. soo……. love them all 🙂 nice Blanket btw.

  9. Hmmm, done in a size 3 or 5 cotton yarn this might make some nice kitchen curtains.

  10. the design is beautiful. is there a chart/ diagram that can help to do it? thank you. yonah

  11. How do you calculate the number of base chains to obtain a specific width? Is it a regular crocheted chain or your special chain combination? I want to use the Wavy Squares Afghan pattern to make a shawl approximately 60″ wide (maybe a little more). How many chains should I plan to make? Thank you for your WONDERFUL patterns!

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