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Lacy V-stitch Ripple Afghan Chart

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This is a chart of the beginning chain and first two rows of the Lacy V-stitch Ripple Afghan for two repeats.

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  1. This is a lovely pattern. I am looking forward to making this afghan.

  2. Can you tell me how to make a “V” stitch. Jo Fava

    • On the main pattern page it is under special stitches.

      Special stitches:
      V-stitch: in stitch or space indicated, 1 dc, 1 ch, 1 dc
      Shell: in stitch or space indicated, (1 dc, 1 ch) 3 times, 1 dc

  3. How do you end at the row it say that across to end, ending on next to last V-stitch turn . Its your edging of the blanket that is forming. Pease help me I love your pattern and I want to do it for my great grand daughter. thank you juanita

    • You make a V-stitch in the next to the last V-stitch of the row and skip the last one. Skipping the last V-stitch at the end of each row causes the edge to be a very nice sort of ripple of it’s own.

  4. I think your blanket/afghan is beautiful. I have done some crocheting in the past on and off but I am having trouble with the first row it says skip 2 chains, shell in next chain, (skip 2 chains, v-stitch). That is what gets me mixed up. Do I do the ones in parenthesis or not. Thank you

  5. Hi there 🙂
    I love the look of this and want to make it for my daughter.

    When it says this “(Skip 2 chains, v-stitch in next chain) twice.” does it mean to do both v-stitch in the same chain?

    I did them in two chains and the next row doesn’t line up for me. I hope I’m making sense as this will be the 2nd afghan I’ve done. Very novice but love a challenge 😉

    I’ve ripped out the first 3 rows twice lol.. my pattern is beyond bizarre looking so I have to be doing something very wrong.

    • I think of my self as an experienced crocheter. But this pattern is a little hard to understand. To me the instructions say one thing, but the chart shows a different way. Please clear this up for me. The pattern is very pretty and I hope I can complete this afghan. Thank you

      • I’ve now made a video tutorial. Let me know if you still have questions about it.


        • Love the look of this Afghan but am having trouble with instructions. It says do a v stitch twice…is that in the same chain? I even watched the tutorial. First instructions were way too fast. Second you were working with a dark color so it was hard to see and your hands were low on the page. At this point, I’m tired of pulling out my work. Hope you can redo these instructions more clearly as well as the tutorial. Thank you.

          • I’m sorry you are frustrated with it. Please ask for my help next time before that point. It may be a while before I can redo the tutorial.

            On the directions – when there is something in parentheses with “twice” after the instruction, it is saving space of having the same direction written out twice. So when the parenthetical portion refers to “next” stitch or space then each time you follow that direction it will be a different stitch or space. If the stitches are to be done in the same stitch or space there wouldn’t be a “next” inside the parentheses.

            When writing patterns I have to find a place between being very descriptive and complete but too verbose and being brief and clean but not complete.

  6. 1 question!! on the instruction where it says (v stitch in next ch space)twice does that 2 v stitches in that same chain space. thanks for response.

  7. do you work a ch-2 on either side of the deep part of the valley (just before you work either a sl st/ch-4/sl st to form a loop, or a v-st in the previous row’s ch 4 loop)?

    I believe this is what I understand from your excellent video but it seems to me that the written directions do not support that. I am easily confused, so forgive me if the answer is obvious!

    thank you for your time!

    • Alternate “valleys” have either a v-stitch or a sc, ch 4, sc. There are no chains on either side of the v-stitch on those rows but there are two chains on either side of the sc, ch 4, sc on those rows.

      • thank you so very much for your prompt and informative reply to my question!

        I have worked it the way you directed and it is coming out nicely!

        I really enjoy working your patterns, which are lovely designs using simple technique, and I love it fact that they can be done in a variety of yarns and sizes, but the chance to ask questions and receive answers has made you my hero!

        my kindest regards to you and yours!

  8. When you skip v-stitches at end of each row, how are you able to be align with the peak and valley below? Please help.

    • Skipping V-stitches in the valleys and adding V-stitches at the peaks are what create the ripple. The V-stitches are always shifted one toward the peaks every row.

  9. Thank you for all your patience and for your skills. I am trying to make a blanket for my daughter, I bought THREE books and started one blanket and ripped it out after several rows repeatedly. I decided I needed another pattern, stumbled on yours and thought it was perfect. When I saw all the time and effort you put in to helping people and repeating in “other” words your directions, I knew this was a project that was going to work. Now that I have seen the video and how pretty the stitches are I can,t wait to start on it. Thanks again for helping all of us wannabes get going. It is generous and kind hearted of you!! Jackie

  10. I have worked three rows and it seems to me Iwill be losing 2 stitches on each row bynot nworking the last stitch Is thatcorrect? Waiting to hearing from you before I proceed. Thank you

    • The stitches “lost” on each row are in the valleys of the ripples. Those stitches are “found” in the peaks of the ripples. The net effect is that the number of stitches stay constant from row to row.

  11. I’ve read through the pattern and want to know how you keep track of where you are. I’ve started it a couple of times and had to frog it because I lost my place. How do you keep track of where you are in the pattern?

    • I assume you mean where on a row rather than what row since it is only a two row repeat. It may help to use some contrasting yarn or stitch markers to mark the “peaks” and “valleys”. As long as you keep all the peaks and valleys aligned, the rest just falls into place.

  12. This is a beautiful design. After tearing it all down and starting over (2 rows) the chart you included is what made all the difference for me to sort out the “crocheting in the exact spaces” part. Awesome. Now I can move on further.

  13. I love your patterns, all your diagrams and your patience. Thank you so much

  14. Have you updated your video for the Lacy V stitch ripple afghan yet? Its going on to 2019 soon and would like to see an updated version . Slower and explain better please. Thanks.

  15. I recently found this pattern and love the look of it, so wanted to try it. (I’m using a worsted weight #4 yarn, if that makes any difference.) I have ripped it out a couple of times because I keep getting ‘puckers’ below the largest ‘holes’, no matter what I do. I tried changing the pattern a little, but although it helped the problem, it doesn’t look as nice. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong?

    • Next time you try, could you email me a picture of the pucker section? That would help me try to diagnose the problem.

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