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Homespun Log Cabin Lap Blanket

24 September 2011
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I had all these little bits and pieces of Lions Brand Homepun, but not enough of any of it to make anything, so decided to just make a lap blanket of the whole lot. I liked the looks of this log cabin blanket, and thought this was the perfect yarn selection to give it a try. I made one major change from the pattern. Instead of binding off each band, I held the stitches on holders and picked them up for the next band. I was thrilled with the results and will most likely make more of these.

I had initially intended to donate this to charity, but my husband really liked it, so we kept it.


2 Comments to “Homespun Log Cabin Lap Blanket”

  1. Could you tell me how many stitches you started with and which stitches you put on a holder?

    I have lots of Lion Brand Homespun yarn and want to make laphans for a local nursing home.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • I believe I started with 30 stitches for the red center. The beauty of this design is that you can make the initial square or rectangle any size. I just tried to get it roughly square and used all the red I had.

      The pattern I used called for casting off each stripe. I instead put those stitches on a holder, so didn’t cast off any stitches until at the very last edge. I have a Boye modular needle set, so actually used a length of nylon with two terminators for holders and could just screw my needles onto it whenever I was working on that particular side. Whenever I was ready to work on the next side, I would pick up stitches on either side of the stitches on the holder from the edges of the adjacent sides stripes.

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