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First March Hospice Blankets

18 February 2011
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My friend that coordinates the hospice projects came by yesterday, so I went ahead and gave her what I’d finished for her March batch.  I have thirteen so far!

I made this thick and quick blanket using a stash of bulky yarn.  The pattern is Christmas Cover-up by Melissa Leapman published in Leisure Arts Afghans For All Seasons Book Two.

This one is made from Caron Simply Soft yarn.  This is from my own pattern Knitted Carnival Afghan.

This one is super soft, made from plush yarn.  The pattern is Sweetheart Ripple by Kim Guzman published in Annie’s Attic Reversible Ripple Afghans.

While digging through my many tubs of yarn I found a half-made sweater from this yarn.  I knew I would never finish it, so unraveled it and made this blanket using two strands at once for a quick and thick lap blanket.  The pattern is Weekend Afghan by Melissa Leapman.

I made three more of Lyn’s Round Ripple Blankets.

I have tons of cotton thread.  I have no idea what I bought it for, but decided that lap blankets from it would be fine. This is just a basic ripple.

This is another from my own In-the-round Square Navajo Lap Blanket.

This was another unfinished sweater I found.  I just raveled out the shoulders and collar and continued the pattern to make a blanket.

I had this Lion’s Brand Homespun yarn left over from a blanket I made for charity a while back. By a complete fluke, I ended up using the same pattern to make this lap blanket, but on 10.5 size needles instead of size 15 like I used before. The pattern is Assuring by Carole Prior, published in Leisure Arts Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans.

This was a really quick one to make using two worsted weight strands and a N crochet hook.  The pattern is Winter White by Linda Luder, published in Leisure Arts Quick Crochet Afghans Book Three.

Last but not least is a new pattern I have written Crocheted Textured Reversible Lap Blanket.

Afghans, Charity

6 Comments to “First March Hospice Blankets”

  1. I sent a message on Ravelry, but also wanted to say here how much I love this and all your patterns. Don’t know how you do it, but do, please keep on going.

  2. What size afghans do you make for Hospice?

  3. I love the blankets!!!! so 13 is not a bad number after all!!, not that I ever believed that but some people do!!!! May the persons who received the blankets, enjoy it as much as you did, making them!!!
    A blessed day to you, from a cold, wintery South Africa!!!!!

  4. where do I contact someone about donating blankets? i love to crochet. what size, and where?

    • You can ask at local yarn stores. Sometimes they will know of charity drives. Also check at hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, fire departments, charities for the homeless. Whatever charity you decide on may have specific needs or requirements.

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