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Crocheted Textured Reversible Lap Blanket

16 February 2011
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Making lap blankets for the elderly and infirmed is an amazing way for stitchers to contribute charitably in an enjoyable and fulfilling way.  Charitable lap blankets are usually designed to fit in the lap of the wheelchair bound.  Since they are so much smaller than a full throw, they are quick to make.

This blanket is reversible. The sample is 32 inches square and made from 100% Acrylic worsted weight yarn with a Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook. The sample took approximately 17 ounces or 760 yards of yarn. The pattern can be worked in a single color, or if desired, color changes can be made between sections.

The pattern can be easily modified to make any size blanket.  Begin with a multiple of six plus three chain stitches.

14 stitches and 11 rows = 4 inches in single crochet


ch = chain
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet
tr = triple (treble) crochet


Chain 111.


Row 1: Sc in second chain and in each of the following chains to the end (110 sc). ch1, turn.

Row 2: Sc in the back loop of the first sc.  sc in the back loop of each of the following sc. (110 sc). ch1, turn.

Rows 3-8: Repeat row 2 six times.

Diamond knobs

Row 9: (Now working in front loops) sc in first sc and in each stitch across row (110 sc). Ch1, turn.

Row 10: Repeat row 9.

Row 11: Sc in first two sc.  (Tr in the next sc and push the middle of the stitch to the back of the work, sc in next two sc, tr in next sc and push the middle of the stitch to the front of the work, sc in next two sc) across to the end of the row (36 tr, 74 sc). Ch1, turn.

Rows 12 and 13: Repeat row 9 twice.

Row 14: Sc in first two sc.  (Tr in the next sc and push the middle of the stitch to the front of the work, sc in next two sc, tr in next sc and push the middle of the stitch to the back of the work, sc in next two sc) across to the end of the row (36 tr, 74 sc).  The tr stitches will go to the opposite side of the tr stitches on the row three rows below. Ch1, turn.

Rows 15 and 16: Repeat row 9 twice.

Rows 17-22: Repeat rows 11-16.


Rows 23-29: Repeat row 2 seven times.

Row 30: Sc in the back loop of the first sc.  sc in the back loop of each of the following sc (110 sc). Ch3, turn.


Row 31: (Now working in front loops) in second sc work cluster as follows: (yo, insert hook and draw up loop) three times, yo and pull through 6 loops, yo and pull through remaining 2 loops. (Ch1, skip sc, cluster in next sc) across to end of row (55 clusters). Ch3, turn.

Row 32: In first ch1 space work cluster, ch1, (cluster in next ch1 space, ch1) across to end of row. Cluster in turning chain (55 clusters). Ch3, turn.

Row 33: Repeat row 32.

Row 34: In first ch1 space work cluster, ch1, (cluster in next ch1 space, ch1) across to end of row. Cluster in turning chain (55 clusters). Ch1, turn.


Row 35: Sc in the back loop of the first cluster.  sc in the back loop of each of the following chains and clusters to end of row. sc in turning chain. (110 sc). ch1, turn.

Rows 36-42: Repeat row 2 seven times.

Crossed doubles

Row 43: Now working in the front loops, in the second and third sc work a crossed stitch as follows: skip a sc, dc in next sc, yo, go behind that dc, insert needle through front loop of skipped sc and then complete a dc.  Make crossed stitches across the row and dc in last sc  (54 crossed stitches). Ch1, turn.

Row 44: Working in front loops, sc in first stitch and in each stitch across row, sc in turning chain (110 sc). Ch3, turn.

Rows 45-52: Repeat rows 43 and 44 four times.

Row 53: Repeat row 43.

Row 54: Working in front loops, sc in first stitch and in each stitch across row, sc in turning chain (110 sc). Ch1, turn.


Rows 55-61: Repeat row 2 seven times.

Row 62: Repeat row 30.


Rows 63-66: Repeat rows 31-34.


Rows 67-74: Repeat rows 35-42.

Diamond knobs

Rows 75-88: Repeat rows 9-22.


Rows 89-95: Repeat row 2 seven times.

Row 96: Sc in the back loop of the first sc.  sc in the back loop of each of the following sc. (110 sc). Finish off and weave in end.

4/13/15 – changed sc to stitch in row 9 so that it works for when it is repeated later.
4/24/17 – corrected row 42 to repeat row 2 instead of row 30.

Restrictions on the use of this pattern are available at http://stitcheryprojects.com/using-my-patterns/.

Afghans, Charity, Crocheted, My Patterns

116 Comments to “Crocheted Textured Reversible Lap Blanket”

  1. Love this pattern and also the potholders. Do you have one for dish rags or dish towells.
    Also, easy hats.
    Thanks so much for sharing so many of your patterns… I love and miss you

  2. hello there.
    do u think that i could get the pattern for the baby rug in the zigzag pattern please.

    • It is published in Leisure Arts #2853, Our Best Baby Afghans. It is called Downy-Soft Zig Zags and is by Carole Prior.

  3. Hello, I just figured out how to get the patterns I was looking for. You have the best patterns and so thoughtful to let us all have them. I hope to make some hats and donate them . Thank you Nana-D

  4. I love this pattern and would like to be able to print it so that I can make some for the nursing home where my mother is now residing.

  5. I’m making this blanket and have a question with the pattern. Row 33 states to repeat row 10,row ten states to repeat row 9. Row 9 indicates to sc in first sc and across only there aren’t any sc in the previous row which is 32 and it consists of ch1 spaces and clusters. Is row 33 supposed to be something else, or have I missed something? Thanks in advance for your answer. Please email the answer to me.

  6. Thank you VERY much for the quick reply….I can now get back to work.

  7. I’m making the lapghan – got to row 11 and am stymied by the instruction “tr in next sc and push the middle of the stitch to the back of the work” – I’ve never run across this particular instruction in all my years of crocheting. I know clusters, popcorns, etc., but have been unable to “see” this particular stitch. Can you enlighten me? I’d sure appreciate it and Thanks in advance!

    • Sure. It is an unusual instruction. When you make the sc on either side of that tr, it causes the tr to fold. It will fold to either to one side of the work or the other. You can push it the other direction if it goes the wrong direction for what’s currently needed in the pattern.

  8. I’m thinking of making this pattern for my grandsons, ages 4 and 2. The two-year old has taken to unraveling the afghans he already has, and this pattern looks a little more stable. Also, I think that one color, with little to no breaks for color changes, will help this situation, too.

    What do you think?

  9. do you have a bed jacket pattern?

  10. Sybil Carter-Laws

    I have never seen a blanket more beautiful than this.

  11. Beautiful! I plan to make some for a veterans’ hospital or our local nursing home. With the different sections will be easy to make it red, white, & blue. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I only want to work the green part, not the white.
    Can anyone advise me on this? Thank you so much.

    • The pattern is divided into sections so that you can work any you like in any order you like. The white sections are called Diamond Knobs, so you can just skip those sections. There is a section of ridges on either side of thei diamond knobs, so you may also want to leave out one of those as well for each section of diamond knobs you skip. You could also replace the diamond knobs sections with one of the other sections.

  13. Hi. I started this project. I am getting 10 stitches to
    4 inches. Can you please advise me as to how to get the
    correct gauge in the pattern?

    Also, when I do the diamond knob, do I insert the hook
    into the front loop, back loop or both loops?

    Also, how do I get the middle of the stitch to the back
    of the work?

    I would appreciate any help you can give. Thank you so much.

    • Gauge – you may be using heavier yarn than what I used. If that is the case and you don’t want your blanket wider than 32 inches, you can adjust your beginning chain. A beginning chain of 81 with your gage should give you a 32 inch wide blanket. Alternatively you can try using a smaller hook.

      Diamond knob – front loops

      Getting the middle of the stitch to the back of the work – Make the Tr. It naturally wants to bend since it has a sc beside it. Before making the next sc, gently push the middle of the tr away from you so that when you make the next sc, the tr should be bent toward the back of the blanket.

  14. Thank you for this lovely pattern. I have only done a practice swatch so far but I love it! I have never done crossed doubles before but you explain it so well I found it easy. Thank you.

    • Thank you for saying what you were doing for the border. I was looking up a great way to end it and I found it!

  15. I love this pattern and need to make it for a lady in the hospital but I don’t know when you changed the color. Can you tell me what rows you did change the colors? I can’t wait to try this pattern.


    • It can be done in a solid color or in as many colors as you like. Color changes should be made between the sections with the headings. I made mine in a seafoam green except for the sections with the heading “Diamond Knobs” which I made in white.

  16. Hi! Ive been so inspired to crochet for charity but been a busy mom of 2 little ones. Now that their in school i would love this and definitely will be making these lap blankets for our local oncology hospital.

  17. On row 14 it says: “The tr stitches will go to the opposite side of the tr stitches on the row three rows below.”

    But when I do it, it comes out the same (parallel to the ones three rows below. Should it be at the beginning of the row: to tr first and then do the 2 sc?)

    • Ohhhh I caught MY OWN mistake. I didn’t read it correctly. I should push one tr back and the other tr one front. Thank you so much for this pattern.

  18. Beautiful Pattern

  19. A must make peice

  20. This is beautiful – make this

  21. I am almost finished crocheting each of my grandkids an afghan as a keepsake from me…would love to make lap blankets for my local hospice care center. This is a great pattern and I think I will enjoy making them. My question is this…is the 32″ square a good size to make for the elderly or ill? Seems small to me, but I have never done them.

    • There are differing opinions on size. I have seen sizes ranging from 30 inch square to 40 inch square. Check with your local hospice to see if they already have specifications or at least recommendations for sizing. They may also have requirements for design or fiber.

  22. I would like to make this lap afghan in these exact colors but you don’t say how much of the white it takes

  23. What a wonderful pattern this is! The textures are marvelous, and the size is perfect for babies. I have two pregnant coworkers, and wasn’t sure what to make for the one having a boy; this is going to be perfect for the new baby!

    Thank you for this great pattern!

  24. Kathleen Reynolds

    Thank you for this amazingly beautiful pattern. I did make it a bit bigger measuring approx 45 x 56 as I made this as a baby blanket, and I like to make them generous so they grow with the child. I also added a boarder of crossed doubles. Again, thank you from a beginner crocheter for the outstanding instructons and beautiful combination of stiches.

  25. What a beautiful pattern! I would love to make this as a large afghan, i.e. 58″x 72″. Can you “convert” the pattern so I know how many stitches need to be in the beginning chain? Any other instructions that might need to be adjusted? Thank you.

    • Start with a chain of 201 for that width. For the length, it is really your preference on what parts of the pattern you want to repeat and in what order. In the pattern the different areas are divided into sections so that you can easily work sections in any order you like. It is designed to have a section of ridges between other textured sections, but otherwise the textured sections can be organized any way you like.

  26. I love this pattern, but I am a pretty novice crocheter and am confused by “push the middle of the stitch to the back of the work” and also push to the front of the work. Can you explain this step to me?

    Thank you!

    • Since there is a sc on either side of the tr, the sc stitches pull the tr down and bend it. It either has to bend to the front or the back, so to make the textured pattern, I tell which way to push it as it bends to make the bend end up on the front or the back.

  27. Beautiful. I am making a lapghan right now (from granny squares with a small raised rose in the center). Now that I have seen this, I want it to be my next project. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Love the picture of the pattern – I plan to start crocheting one soon. Really like the size adjustments advised to make it lap or baby size or even large size!

  29. This looks lovely but I have been frustrated with crocheting in the past as I have to count the stitches on each row or else it gets wider on each row for a bit and then narrower – how can I do this pattern or any crochet pattern and keep the sides straight? Your advice is anticipated. Thank you.

    • For smaller projects stick with counting the stitches. For larger projects, pick patterns that have a well defined repeating pattern throughout. Then you can make sure the pattern lines up and that the stitches on each end are the right amount without having to count the whole row. Unfortunately this pattern won’t work for that. The sections with the repeating patterns would work well, but the sections with the ridges would have a tendency to grow and shrink.

  30. This isn’t a comment but A Question. I’m trying to do a. Crocodile stitch and can’t figure it out.can you help me if you know what stitch this is. I’d appreciate it.Thank you

  31. I would like to make this a little wider, could you help me with the multiple I should chain?

  32. Do you by chance have a pattern for a crochet Jolly Santa? That is in writing, if you can help I would so much appreciate it!! Thank you!! I can’t wait to try Crochet textured reversible lap blanket!!

  33. I am about half way through your charity blanket Love during the different stitches I also have made quite a few of your pot holder Thank you for your patterns Hope to see more Have a wonderful day

  34. Thank you so much for the pattern! I am making my first blanket and hoping to donate it for the purpose of being used in a healing ceremony for First Nations people in Canada. Many thanks!

  35. Can you tell we where in the pattern I change colors to duplicate the pattern shown? Thanks.

    • Color changes should be made between the sections with the headings. I made mine in a seafoam green except for the sections with the heading “Diamond Knobs” which I made in white.

  36. Hi. Could you explain line 43 any different way? Or do you have photos of how to do this? I can seem to get it.

  37. Gorgeous! Thank you so much. Our Ladies group at church are making lap blankets and other items for charity.

    Again, thanks for such a masterful piece.


  38. Frances McFeeters

    I am having a problem with 31. I have 110 sc; but I can not come up with 55 clusters. Can someone help me please

    • So half of 110 is 55, so each pair of stitches from the prior row will make a cluster. There is a ch 3 turning chain from the first sc then a cluster in the second sc. Then across the row is ch-1 then cluster in each pair of sc.

  39. This is beautiful! I found this today at AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns.com. I will use it to make an all white baby blanket (maybe a little bigger).

    PS: You are so kind and caring–obvious from all of your time spent answering individual questions–not something usually seen on many sites. Good to know in case I need help!

  40. Thank you,, this blanket feels so luxurious i love it! Took it to yogaclass and they loved it as well!

  41. In making the lapghan and have got to row 11 and I do not understand that stitch, could you help me out with this please?

    • You will be making one stitch in each stitch of the prior row, either a sc or a tr. When you make the sc on either side of that tr, it causes the tr to fold. It will fold to either to one side of the work or the other. You can push it the other direction if it goes the wrong direction for what’s currently needed in the pattern.

  42. Thank you for this beautiful pattern, i love it. I am making mie in the one colour, cream. I do have a quiestion. I think i would like to do a border round mine when finished, is that possible, do you have any suggestions please? x

    • I would start with sc around (3 in the corners). You might have to experiment with how often to put the sc in the Ridges sections so that the edges don’t get stretched out (perhaps every other row). Once you have that, you can use one the pattern repeats from this pattern or can choose from all kinds of border patterns.

  43. Can’t find where to sign up, I really like your work.

  44. All my rows were coming out beautiful until after the first row of triple crochet (row 11). For row 12 , (and 13) it tells you to repeat row 9 which is sc in the front loop of each sc. This is where my afghan started to tighten up or curl. I was wondering if this was because I may have been crocheting tight(er) or because I was supposed to sc in every stitch, not just the sc stitches fron the previous row. (I sc in jut the single crochets, skipping over the tr). I hope I’ve explained my problem well enough for you to picture what I’m talking about.

    Also, I want to thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern. I can’t believe how much time it must take you to read and respond to everyone’s questions. You are an amazing teacher and one generous person!

    • I am very sorry about that. It should be a sc in every stitch across, including the tr stitches. I changed the wording of row 9 to stitch. Sorry about the error.

  45. I want to make this pattern larger. How many rows of each would you suggest?

  46. I just wanted to thank you for your lovely lap throw “Crocheted Texted Reversible Lap Blanket”.
    I made it for our Pastor’s wife that is doing Chemo. She so loved it, and has requested that I make her a larger one for when she is out at ball games this winter.
    Thanks again, for you have made her and myself a happy person. I so love to buy yarns and make what others create, and give them to those that so appreciate them.
    God bless you greatly!

  47. I love this pattern and have made it up a couple times now. The only problem I am having is that the triple crochet knobs seen to float back and forth from one side to the other. Any suggestions?

    • The two things I could see causing that would be really smooth (therefore kind of slippery) yarn or loose tension on the sc on either side of those. You could try making those other sc a bit tighter and see if that solves the problem.

      • I do have a tendency to crochet loose so I will try tightening up on the sc’s. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

  48. Are the directions given now in their corrected form? Can an advanced beginner do this project? (Don’t want to get into it to find over my head and I have already spent money on the yarn!) Would like to do this lovely lap blanket for my wheelchair-bound mother.


    • The instructions are now correct.

      I think this is a good one for an advanced beginner. There are a couple of stitches that are more advanced than your typical basic pattern, but they are made in repeated pattern, so once you master a stitch you use it again and again. I think this is a good pattern to learn some new stitches without being overwhelmed with something that has an irregular shape.

  49. So if I understand this correctly, if I want to make it larger I would add 6 chains until desired width? Plus the 3 turn chain.


    • The first row is sc with just a single chain turn chain. The multiple of 6 plus 3 is for stitches on either side of the repeat as well as the single turn chain. So just add stitches in groups of 6 to the 111 beginning chain and you will be set.

  50. I’m having problems with row 43 on the textured reversible afghan. I can’t even get the row started. It’s the crossed stitch row. Can someone help me please?

  51. what is a stitch in row 9. If I want to make it a little longer, should I just add more of the middle rows? This is for the crocheted reversible lap blanket Thanks

    • The sc of row 9 are made in the sc of the row before. I said stitch rather than sc because the row is repeated and sometimes the sc will be made in both sc and tr stitches from the prior row.

      To add length you can repeat sections. To keep the consistent look you could continue to alternate ridge sections with the other types of sections.

  52. I am so impressed with your lightning fast, detailed responses to questions. I have found this to be a rare happenstance in the crochet blog universe. I know how busy everyone is and I just had to recognize your kind, thorough answers.

    This pattern is a perfect one for using up the yarn from an afghan-creating binge.

    Thanks for your diligence!!

  53. I just stumbled across your page and I’m so glad I did I found sooooooo many beautiful blankets I don’t know where to start I can’t say thank you enough times for sharing you patterns thanks again and you have a great week end

  54. I love the look og the blanket but the photo does not match the instructions, particularly for the white section. I have no trouble following the instructions but they can never produce staggered balls like the photo. Very disappointed,

  55. Hello, I had a question regarding your fermentation as of April 2015, in row 9when you corrected or edited sc to stitch to you mean school into the front stitch of the front loop? I’m out of practice for over a year and not sure of how to employ the correction to row 9.

    • Row 9: (Now working in front loops) sc in first sc and in each stitch across row (110 sc). Ch1, turn.

      Originally I had said “Row 9: (Now working in front loops) sc in first sc and in each sc across row (110 sc). Ch1, turn.”. For the first occurrence this is fine because you are truly working across all sc stitches from the prior row, but in some subsequent rows I’m asking that this row be used again and sometimes it is being made across prior rows that are a mixture of sc and other stitches, so this just makes the language more general.

  56. I have been working on this wonderful pattern and have reached rows 67-74 which state to repeat rows 35-42. Row 42 states to repeat row 30 which ends with Ch3, turn. Then for rows 75-88 (Diamond knobs), instructions state to repeat rows 9-22; however, row nine is all single crochets ending with Ch1. It seems like the Ch3 for the previous row isn’t right. Am I missing something?

    • Wow! I’ve had that pattern out there for 6 years and you caught an error. Thank you! You are absolutely right. I have changed that row to be a repeat of row 2.

      • Thank you for the quick response. I have completed the lapghan and really like it! It worked quickly. I will have to check out your other patterns.

      • Mama, I made the Crochet Textured Reversible Lap Blanket for our church in the same colors as yours and it was a great hit. Everyone loved it. I have been asked to make another one, but for a larger person. I was thinking about 42×60 or 45×60 or somewhere in that area. Do you think that would be a good size? How many extra rows would I need in each section to account for the extra length considering I would think the extra rows should be in multiples of 2 since the lap blanket is reversible. Would you be able to tell me how much yarn I would need (and how much main color and how much cream color) so I can buy the correct amount with the same lot numbers? Any direction you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

        • I think either a 42 or 45 inch width would work great. The pattern of the blanket has a 6 stitch repeat, so adding multiples of 6 will work with the pattern. These numbers of beginning chains equate to those widths:
          42″ – 147
          45″ – 159

          • Thank you for the quick response Mama. Would you know how much yarn the extra sizes would take if I made the afghan 60″ long? I know your 32″ took 760 yards (approximately 600 yds. main color and 160 yds. cream). I was thinking I would add two extra rows to each change in all the sections. Would that take me close to 60″ in length? I guess I could also just add another complete section with a totally different stitch.

          • If you keep the same general proportions of the colors these would be the yard requirements:
            42×60 – 1477 yards sage, 394 yards white
            45×60 – 1582 yards sage, 422 yards white

  57. When working with the diamond knobs I noticed from your picture that they were not straight in line from row to row. My working they are in a straight line. I keep rereading the pattern and I think i am doing it right but doesn’t look the same.

  58. Sandra Hernlund. Rimrock, AZ

    This really isn’t a comment, IT’S A RAVING REVIEW!! “Textured Reversible Lap Blanket”

    I found this pattern, and your website, on AllFreeCrochet.com. When your page came up I thought I’d been transported to needlework heaven. I’ve printed the pattern and, although I am an expert needle worker (every form of needlework except tatting) of 65 years (since age 5), I found that there are, actually, some stitches in this pattern that I’ve never come across, which doesn’t happen often.

    I went to your comment section, for the pattern, and read every comment, printing both the comment and your reply, every time a needle worker asked about a problem and/or requested a solution. I then filed these printouts with the pattern for future reference.

    I’m fairly certain that you’ve corrected all of the pattern errors, therefore, I would only need the question/comment printout for your wonderfully detailed instructions on the uncommon stitches that most needle workers need help with and the information you’ve given for yardage, size increases and color information.

    I’ve bookmarked your website and placed it at the top of the list as there are many more patterns that I intend to make in the coming months. You are, truly, a “NEEDLE ARTIST FROM THE GODS”. Most designers who place patterns on the internet for free won’t answer comments with questions or even have a comment section. You are unique in our world!

    Thank You, Sandie H

  59. I was very happy to find so many great projects on your site. Now I need to decide my next project. Also, thanks for the lap blanket charity idea. I’ve been looking for something to crochet for charity and this is definetly the best idea!

    Happy New Year

  60. I have been looking at this pattern for quite some time and have it in my “want to do” file. I am trying to make a baby blanket for a co-worker, I am using Bernat Blanket yarn in a variegated and 2 solid colors and was wondering if this pattern would work with such a heavy yarn.

    • It should work fine. Use the hook size recommended on the yarn and keep in mind that the finished size will be much larger than measurements given in the pattern.

  61. Vivian Tondreault

    I would love to make this a full size afghan. How many chains would I need to start?


    • I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to reply. To make it twice as wide start with 219 chains. To make it three times the width start with 327 chains.

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  63. I am loving this pattern, but having a terrible time with the crossed double section. I’ve ripped out this section at least 5 times. The instructions say to start the 1st cross in stitches 3 & 2 (meaning such 1 is left alone). 54 crossed stitches = 108 + the dc at the end = 109, not 110. Help! TY

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