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Christmas Tree Skirt

24 January 2011
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I’m very pleased with how my Christmas tree skirt turned out.  I knitted it in the round, and it measures 50 inches across. The crocheted fringe took 7 oz of yarn!


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  1. Wow – you did a fantastic job on this tree skirt! It’s really lovely.

  2. What a Christmas present this would make! Is there a pattern?

    • There isn’t a pattern, per se, because this is one I made up as I went, but I kept these notes:

      Make with 8 points. Start with a crocheted chain and cast on. Begin knitting in round after a few inches.

      The 8 points will be Aran Diamond and Bobble from page 186 of A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It is a panel of 17 stitches. Do a yarn over increase on either side of this panel every fourth row. Every 16 rows do an extra set of yarn over increases on either side of each panel.

      With H crochet hook, chain 78. Slip stitch all 78 stitches. Chain 55 and slip stitch all 55. Loop on hook is first knit loop. Transfer to Size 8 knitting needle and pick up stitches across 24 first chain stitches. Turn and purl across.
      row3: k1 (yo, k2, yo, k1) 8 times
      row4: purl
      row5: p1, knit across, p last stitch
      row6: k1, purl across, k last stitch
      row7: k1, p1, (yo, k3, yo, k1) 7 times, yo, p1, k1
      row8: p1, k1, purl across, k1, p1

      Worked 3 stitches of moss stitch on either side until closed. Combined the two edge stitches and worked a field of 5 stitches in moss stitch for 4 more rows once in the round.

      Did all increases to spines until spines were 17 stitches wide, then all increases made to body.

      Begin point pattern at row 20 (of the pattern) once the spine is 9 stitches wide.

      Once the body fields were 8 stitches wide, did 16 rows of Quilted Lattice from page 102 of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.
      Two rows of purl.
      Saracen’s Crown from pages 33 and 34 of A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.
      A row of purl, a row of knit then 16 more rows of Quilted Lattice.
      The Candle Tree from pages 290 and 291 of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. At row 25, added Sprig Pattern from pages 32 and 33 of A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns on either side of the Candle Trees.

      Finished with a row of single crochet, Crossed Double Crochet Stitch from page 206 of The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches, another row of single crochet and Border 17 from 50 Crocheted Afghan Borders.

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