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Antique White Baby Blanket

23 January 2011
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I was so excited to learn that a woman I used to work with was going to have a baby.  The bedding she chose for the baby’s room was a toile pattern with off-white background and light blue and taupe accents.  I searched around and decided this pattern named “Mint” for Friends by Brooke Shellflower in Leisure Arts Our Best Knit Baby Afghans would coordinate with toile.  I made a toile tote to use as a gift bag.

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14 Comments to “Antique White Baby Blanket”

  1. Where is the pattern???? I just get a pic. am I doing something wrong?

    • The pattern is published. It is named “Mint” for Friends by Brooke Shellflower in Leisure Arts Our Best Knit Baby Afghans.

  2. i have that book .i justed started the blanket and im stuck on row 18 i finished up to row 17 your blanket is beautiful and the hat . the book does not have the pattern for the hat can you tell me where you got it or did you just make it up yourself

    • I did just make it up. The pattern is a repeat of 6 stitches. Depending on how big I wanted the hat (I made different sizes for different sized babies) I’d start with different multiples of 6 and knit in the round.

  3. mama can you tell me where you got the pattern for the MINT FOR FRIENDS hat . Thank You

  4. Mama, you are so incredibly talented. I have just been ooooh-ing and aaaah-ing over all of your beautiful works. I have a brother who is having a baby and this pattern would be perfect. Keep stitching sister and God Bless you!

  5. Mama its been awhile sence i e-mailed you about the MINT FOR FRIENDS blanket .I want to thank you so much for your help on row 18 Im still working on my blanket and am so happy how its turning out I still have a way to go. Mama could you send me a written pattern of your hat I would like to make one after Im done with my blanket THANK YOU ! I wanted to ask you about the edging is there away to add on each end to make a nicer edging maybe seed stitch thank you.

    • Since it has the bands of seed stitch in the blanket, I think seed stitch would be the appropriate edging to add. I usually like blankets to have an edging, but this one I have been satified with as written, and I usually modify everything. 🙂

      Since this is a published pattern, I will respond to you privately about the hat.

  6. Hi, I like ur work. Am currently working on the blanket and would like to include a hat with this blanket. Am new to working with patterns as well as knitting though after taking up knitting this summer I am on my 5th blanket n ready to try out other things. Could u Please share the pattern for the hat with me? Thanks so much. I really struggled with the slips when I started n am glad I stuck with it also glad I found this site.

  7. Mama, have u by any chance emailed the “mint for friends” pattern for the hat? To me?

  8. Hi could you email me the pattern for the hat please, thankyou.

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