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Brown Cabled Poncho

10 December 2005
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Sometimes mistakes still work out. I was going to make this poncho fuller so that it was drapy, but didn’t count correctly and ended up with five points instead of six. Not a problem. It still works.

Brown cabled poncho


3 Comments to “Brown Cabled Poncho”

  1. Hi …. your brown cabled poncho, looks great, would it be possible for you to share the pattern. Thanks!

  2. Loved the Brown Cabled Poncho. I like to make one if you can share the pattern.

    • I will give some thought to getting this into written form. When I made it, I just did some mathematical calculations to determine my cast on and general direction. I have only recently started writing down patterns for things I create. I’ve had a bad habit for years of making things and not taking notes on them.

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