Burgundy Eyelash Ribbon Scarf

24 January 2011

I am so smitten with Ravelry.  I just haven’t gotten over how much I enjoy the Ravelry world. A couple of days ago I came across this almost finished scarf in my huge pile of yarn.  It seemed silly not to just finish it and reclaim the 10.5 circular needles.  There were only a few feet of yarn left, and no label, so I had no idea what the yarn was. I started doing some looking around in Ravelry and found it!  It is Yarn Bee Topkapi and the color is called Manisa.


24 January 2011

I’ve had a book of snowflakes for a long time, but had not made any.  I’ve made other ornaments such as hearts and bells and used a supersaturated sugar solution to stiffen them, so I was excited to finally make some snowflakes.  I was thrilled with the results and the tree was stunning.  I made four each of eleven different snowflake patterns from American School of Needlework Crochet 101 Snowflakes by Delsie Rhoades and Kathy Wesley.

Christmas Tree Skirt

24 January 2011

I’m very pleased with how my Christmas tree skirt turned out.  I knitted it in the round, and it measures 50 inches across. The crocheted fringe took 7 oz of yarn!

More Potholders

23 January 2011

I recently shared my potholder pattern on Ravelry and got a lot of positive response. A knitting group in Oregon posted about collecting hand made potholders to include in Thankgiving food baskets for the needy and linked to my pattern. I was so excited about such a project I dug out a bunch of cotton I had on hand and whipped up a dozen and mailed them to Oregon.

With the small bits of leftover cotton I made three hodge-podge potholders for myself.

Wedding Gifts for Cousin John

23 January 2011

My cousin John was married in November and I sent some hand made gifts.

Only two in this picture, but I made three of these red cotton dish cloths using a pattern by Cathy Waldie.

I made three red cotton potholders with my own beloved pattern.

This autumn print mitered afghan was so much fun to make but was definitely a labor of love since I had to work on it nonstop for nearly three months.  It is made with Vanna’s Choice yarn which I liked working with and with a pattern by Chris de Longpré which I will most definitely use again and again.

Irish Harp

23 January 2011

After an extended holiday from doilies and crochet thread in general, I dug out one of my old magazines and made this fun one.

This pattern is a bruges lace named Irish Harp by Yoko Suzuki in the December 1999 issue of Magic Crochet.

Ravelry Obsession

7 September 2010

I’ve not been posting to the blog like I should because I’ve been posting at Ravelry instead.  I admit I’m very Ravelry obsessed at the moment. I don’t even know if anyone actually follows this blog.  I will try to get caught up on blog posts.

Craftsman Pillows

14 December 2009

These are a wedding gift for a friend that has craftsman decor. They are knitted with Caron Simply Soft in the color Truffle Heather.

Carrot Toy

30 May 2009

This is my son’s Easter carrot. The body of the carrot is knitted and the green top is crochet. It is all from cotton yarn.


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