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Pleated Pattern Scarf

This scarf coordinates with the pleated pattern hat.

8″ wide, 36″ long

17 stitches and 23 rows = 4 inches in stockinette

5.25 oz (260 yards) of soft worsted weight yarn
Size 8 (5 mm) knitting needles
Yarn needle

k = knit
m1 = make one: With left needle pick up thread between last and next stitch inserting front to back. With right needle knit back loop.
p = purl
p3tog = purl three together

Cast on 45.

Row 1 and all odd rows: (k1, p1, k1, p11) three times, k1, p1, k1
Row 2: k1, (p1, k2, m1, k1, p2, p3tog, p2, k1, m1, k2) three times, p1, k1
Row 4: k1, (p1, k2, m1, k2, p1, p3tog, p1, k2, m1,k2) three times, p1, k1
Row 6: k1, (p1, k2, m1, k3, p3tog, k3, m1,k2) three times, p1, k1

Repeat rows 1 – 6  until scarf is desired length.  Cast off with a Row 1. Finish off and weave in ends.

Restrictions on the use of this pattern are available at http://stitcheryprojects.com/using-my-patterns/.

Clothing, Knitted, My Patterns

22 Comments to “Pleated Pattern Scarf”

  1. Another beautiful pattens. I can’t wait make this scarf.

  2. I hear you Debbie, i am making this scarf also. Thank you!

  3. I’m making this scarf, but i have problem with Row2 (p1,k2,m1,k1,p2,p3tog,p2,k1,m1,k2)three times is 48 i only have 45 if i don’t do k2 i’m fine.. please help!!
    Thank you!

    • The repeated portion is 14 stitches in both the number of stitches it uses and the number it results in.
      Number used – (1, 2, 0, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 0, 2) = 14
      Number resulting – (1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2) = 14
      Three repeats of the 14 plus the three extra stitches makes the 45 of the row.

      Are you purling 3 stitches together? I could see having three extra at the end if you were purling 2 together.

  4. I don’t think this is what I am looking for, but I am going to try it The afghan pattern forms actual pleats. Thank you anyway. Joan

  5. I love the pattern for a scarf. Is there anyway a person could make this into an afghan?

    Thank you…..

    Linda haworth

  6. I can’t wait to try this pattern — seems superb — hope I get it like the pattern shows — unfortunately I am left handed – so when I am “making a stitch” it will be the opposite for me — ‘left hand needle’ — but I will get it — I have ‘made a stitch’ in a pattern many times — thanks very much —

  7. I love this pattern and would like to make this for my grandaughter using naturally caron spa bamboo blend, #3 weight. Would that work? I am just getting back into knitting after many years away.

  8. I just finished reading a biography about Marie Antoinnette and I can’t wait to make this besutiful scarf.Thanks

  9. I have added a stitch when knitting, is m1 the same? I don’t ever recall seeing this stitch in a pattern before. Just reading it doesn’t seem to create a picture of how to do in my head. Does anyone know of a place you can go to see how this is done? Thanks.

  10. Thanks ever so much for inspiration!

  11. This is a beautiful pattern. I am making it in a DK weight on #7 needles. It is a shorter scarf that fits nicely inside of a coat collar. I am making it 36″ long with 3 50 gram balls of yarn.

  12. I love this and making a scarf with Murano wool fromhttp://www.bendigowoollenmills.com.au/Product/tabid/55/2328/2328/211164/MURANO/Default.aspx So it will change colour up through the pattern. It is a beautiful pattern, thank you. The manufacturer recommends 4mm needles and you recommended size 5 mm and since I didn’t have those I decided to use size 5.5 and so far it is looking great.

  13. I used to knit a cardigan with beautiful collar by using the same colour, same pattern before following a famous brand pattern sheet. However, I have lost this pattern sheet already. Do you have one or have you knit a cardigan by using this pattern ? If yes, please kindly share with me so that I can pick up my memories.

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