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Lacy V-stitch Ripple Afghan Chart

This is a chart of the beginning chain and first two rows of the Lacy V-stitch Ripple Afghan for two repeats.

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  1. This is a lovely pattern. I am looking forward to making this afghan.

  2. Can you tell me how to make a “V” stitch. Jo Fava

    • On the main pattern page it is under special stitches.

      Special stitches:
      V-stitch: in stitch or space indicated, 1 dc, 1 ch, 1 dc
      Shell: in stitch or space indicated, (1 dc, 1 ch) 3 times, 1 dc

  3. How do you end at the row it say that across to end, ending on next to last V-stitch turn . Its your edging of the blanket that is forming. Pease help me I love your pattern and I want to do it for my great grand daughter. thank you juanita

    • You make a V-stitch in the next to the last V-stitch of the row and skip the last one. Skipping the last V-stitch at the end of each row causes the edge to be a very nice sort of ripple of it’s own.

  4. I think your blanket/afghan is beautiful. I have done some crocheting in the past on and off but I am having trouble with the first row it says skip 2 chains, shell in next chain, (skip 2 chains, v-stitch). That is what gets me mixed up. Do I do the ones in parenthesis or not. Thank you

  5. Hi there :)
    I love the look of this and want to make it for my daughter.

    When it says this “(Skip 2 chains, v-stitch in next chain) twice.” does it mean to do both v-stitch in the same chain?

    I did them in two chains and the next row doesn’t line up for me. I hope I’m making sense as this will be the 2nd afghan I’ve done. Very novice but love a challenge ;)

    I’ve ripped out the first 3 rows twice lol.. my pattern is beyond bizarre looking so I have to be doing something very wrong.

    • I think of my self as an experienced crocheter. But this pattern is a little hard to understand. To me the instructions say one thing, but the chart shows a different way. Please clear this up for me. The pattern is very pretty and I hope I can complete this afghan. Thank you

  6. 1 question!! on the instruction where it says (v stitch in next ch space)twice does that 2 v stitches in that same chain space. thanks for response.

  7. do you work a ch-2 on either side of the deep part of the valley (just before you work either a sl st/ch-4/sl st to form a loop, or a v-st in the previous row’s ch 4 loop)?

    I believe this is what I understand from your excellent video but it seems to me that the written directions do not support that. I am easily confused, so forgive me if the answer is obvious!

    thank you for your time!

    • Alternate “valleys” have either a v-stitch or a sc, ch 4, sc. There are no chains on either side of the v-stitch on those rows but there are two chains on either side of the sc, ch 4, sc on those rows.

      • thank you so very much for your prompt and informative reply to my question!

        I have worked it the way you directed and it is coming out nicely!

        I really enjoy working your patterns, which are lovely designs using simple technique, and I love it fact that they can be done in a variety of yarns and sizes, but the chance to ask questions and receive answers has made you my hero!

        my kindest regards to you and yours!

  8. When you skip v-stitches at end of each row, how are you able to be align with the peak and valley below? Please help.

    • Skipping V-stitches in the valleys and adding V-stitches at the peaks are what create the ripple. The V-stitches are always shifted one toward the peaks every row.

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